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Immerse in True Lossless Sound: Questyle NHB12 Earphones, Tailor-Made for iPhone

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This week, the world of audio innovation is abuzz with the launch of Questyle NHB12 true lossless earphones via Kickstarter. If you’ve been on the lookout for a way to immerse yourself in the world of 192kHz Hi-Res Lossless audio quality from your iPhone, then the NHB12 earphones will surely pique your interest. The best part? There’s no need for an external DAC & Amp to experience this high-quality sound.

In recent years, lossless audio has surged in popularity, thanks in large part to services like Apple Music. But what exactly is lossless audio, and how can you start streaming it? Enter Questyle, making the audio experience decidedly easier for users of iPhones and other devices. Equipping the earphones with an Apple Lightning connection.

Early bird bonuses are now available for the recently launched project from roughly $229 or £180 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 23% off the recommended retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way.

“The NHB12 acoustic system features a customized ultra-low distortion and broadband acoustic driver, ensuring lossless music reproduction. With an internal high-strength magnetic system and innovative diaphragm materials, it delivers an outstanding sound experience.”

The Questyle NHB12 are the world’s first Apple MFi-Certified lossless earphones. With their incredible ability to deliver studio-quality 192kHz audio without a hint of distortion, they are setting new standards in the realm of audio technology. Their integrated DAC and Current Mode Amplifier work in harmony to provide unparalleled sound quality that will leave you in awe.

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iPhone lossless earphones

The earpieces of the NHB12 have been meticulously designed to be impedance-matched, and they are finely tuned with the current mode amplification circuitry. This exquisite craftsmanship results in a dynamic-range experience that is vast and truly special. However, the authenticity of its audio quality is something that you’ll have to experience for yourself to understand, as it’s difficult to describe something you’ve “Never Heard Before.”

“Questyle ingeniously combines DAC and Current Mode Amplifier to provide unparalleled sound quality, seamlessly integrating all-in-one technology into portable earphones. Equipped with the patented CMA SiP, it offers an excellent listening experience by reproducing intricate details with over 10 times the bandwidth and minimal distortion compared to a traditional amplifier.”

Apple has been a major player in the world of lossless audio. The tech giant has developed its own lossless audio compression technology known as the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). Alongside AAC, ALAC has been used to encode the entire Apple Music collection, offering resolutions that range from the standard 16-bit/44.1 kHz (CD Quality) to an impressive 24-bit/192 kHz. However, the one limitation that Bluetooth connections possess is their inability to support lossless audio. This is precisely where the Questyle NHB12 true lossless earphones come into play. They overcome the limitations of Bluetooth connections, providing you with an exceptional audio experience that remains unrivaled.

If the NHB12 campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around September 2023. To learn more about the NHB12 true lossless earphones project consider the promotional video below.

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“Looking for a hassle-free way to assess audio quality? The Questyle NHB12 offers a simple solution with its sample rate indicator. When playing music, the sample rate indicator shows one light for standard lossless quality and two lights for Hi-Res lossless quality. When comparing the Questyle NHB12’s DAC & Amp to a desktop DAC, you’ll notice that it is with a much more compact and lightweight design, while still maintaining an impressive level of ultra-low distortion performance.”

For a complete list of all available campaign pledges, stretch goals, extra media and advanced features for the true lossless earphones, jump over to the official NHB12 crowd funding campaign page by inspecting the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

Disclaimer: Participating in Kickstarter campaigns involves inherent risks. While many projects successfully meet their goals, others may fail to deliver due to numerous challenges. Always conduct thorough research and exercise caution when pledging your hard-earned money.

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