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Quick Guide: how to fix iPhone cannot verify server identity issues

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    In the past, we have delved deeply into the topic of resolving server identity issues with a detailed article. That piece was intended to be an all-encompassing guide, offering a wide range of solutions and background information for those who wanted to understand the issue in-depth. Today, however, we’re pivoting to a more streamlined approach. This guide is crafted to serve as a quick reference, focusing specifically on efficient steps to promptly resolve the “cannot verify server identity” error on your iPhone. Consider this your go-to resource for quick fixes that will help you get back to a seamless iPhone experience.

    Encountering the “cannot verify server identity” error on your iPhone can be frustrating but common. This error often occurs when setting up a new email account or migrating settings during an upgrade. The iPhone performs safety checks on the server’s SSL certificate, and if something is amiss, you get this error.

    Quick Diagnostics:

    1. Force Quit Mail App: Swipe up from the screen bottom to access current apps. Locate the Mail app and swipe up to close it. Confirm that your iPhone’s time and date settings are correct before reopening Mail.
      • For iPhone 8 or earlier, double-click the home button and follow the same procedure.
    2. Force Restart: Before tweaking mail settings, ensure your operating system is running smoothly by performing a force restart. This will reboot the system without losing data.

    Settings Tweaks:

    1. Update Carrier Settings: Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to ensure your iOS is current. You can also update your carrier settings from here.
    2. Reset Network Settings: Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note that this will erase all your saved Wi-Fi passwords and other network settings.
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    Last Resort:

    1. Remove and Re-add Email Account: If the error persists, consider deleting and re-adding the email account. Back up your emails before you proceed, especially if they’re downloaded to your device.
      1. Navigate to Settings > Mail > Accounts
      2. Select the problematic account and delete it
      3. Re-add the account by following Apple’s instructions

    Should you continue to face issues, consider booking a Genius Bar appointment or visiting Apple’s Support website.

    If you would like more detailed instructions on how you can fix the iPhone cannot verify server identity errors, then make sure you have a read of our detailed guide to fix the problem on your iPhone.

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