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4-Layer Tech & Smartphone Photography Breakthroughs

At Viva Technology in Paris this week, HONOR is making quite a few AI announcements, including a new 4-layer AI architecture and how it integrates into MagicOS.

According to HONOR, this new 4-layer architecture is comprised of distinct levels, with the base layer, cross-device, and cross-OS AI being the foundation of an open ecosystem. Building on that is the Platform-level AI that enables personalized operation systems for intent-based human-computer interactions and personalized resource allocation. At the top of this 4-layer AI strategy is the Interface to Cloud-AI services layer that provides users easy access to massive cloud services while prioritizing privacy protection, creating a truly holistic and future-forward AI experience.

Along with this new 4-layer architecture for AI, HONOR is also set to integrate cutting-edge Generative AI experiences into its upcoming smartphones. This is being powered by Google AI, and will deliver a new level of intelligence and innovation to users within privacy protection.

AH HONOR Viva Technology conference 2

The upcoming HONOR 200 Series will take mobile photography to “new heights”

Along with these new AI announcements at Viva Technology this week, HONOR is also announcing that the upcoming 200 series is going to get some major mobile photography advancements with an all-new AI-enhanced Portrait experience.

According to HONOR, the new 200 series will “revolutionize portrait photography by bringing the expertise of Harcourt Studio and leveraging AI technology to recreate the iconic studio’s legendary lighting and shadow effects.” Harcourt Studio is well-known for its timeless celebrity portraits.

HONOR isn’t letting the full 200 Series out of the bag just yet. Those devices are set to launch in Paris on June 12, and will be powered by MagicOS 8.0, which will further solidify HONOR’s commitment to democratizing AI technology. HONOR is also announcing that it plans to roll out MagicOS 8.0 to the Magic V2 and HONOR 90 devices in the near future. Which will give these powerful AI features to more people.

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AH HONOR Magic V2 & HONOR 90 MagicOS 8 0AH HONOR Magic V2 & HONOR 90 MagicOS 8 0

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