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TOPic & Loong and Kuaishou raise awareness on altitude sickness and hypoxia to truck drivers – togetherbe

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The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an elevation of 4500m, is known as the Death Zone by 30 million truckers in China. With an annual mortality rate of 5%, truck drivers primarily succumb to altitude sickness and hypoxia.


Many of them used to live stream on Kuaishou platform. After their demise, the accounts are memorialized. Xiao Hui, an influencer with 1.6 million followers, is one of these truckers.

To raise awareness of altitude sickness and hypoxia to truck drivers, TOPic & Loong revived Xiao Hui’s Kuaishou account. Using Al technology, they recreated his voice and initiated an 8-hour live stream to share emergency knowledge, by traveling along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.

TOPic & Loong converted the truck Xiao Hui once drove into an Aid Station. Collaborating with local stores along the route, the aid containers with oxygen tanks and supplies for drivers are settled.

4 Aid Stations have been set up along the highway, and over 3200 oxygen bottles were handed out to truckers in 1 week.

The Kuaishou social page about altitude sickness and hypoxia gets 1.21 billion views, with an awareness rise by 30% among truckers.

Kuaishou will memorialize more accounts of the deceased, to share memories and contribute to society.

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Agency: TOPic & Loong
Director: WenXiong Lei
Creative Director/ art director / copy: Jacky Lung
Copywriter: Yuhang Li
Art Director: Hongyu Liu
Art Director: Chun Wang
Account Director: Jane Wang
Account Manager: Wen Zhou
Client: Sihan Wang, Huifeng Sun, Meiyi Jiang, Chunxue Yan

TOPic & Loong and Kuaishou raise awareness on altitude sickness and hypoxia to truck drivers

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