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Polyend Press: Inspired By Classic Analogue Rack Compressors

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Polyend enters the world of hardware effects with Press, a compressor with “controls usually only seen in VSTs”.

Polyend Press

Well, colour me imPressed. Polyend has surprised us all with Press, a hardware compressor. This is the company’s first effects unit, joining its lineup of more familiar grooveboxes like the Play+ and new Tracker+. It’s part of Polyend’s lineup at Superbooth24.

Polyend Press
Polyend Press

Polyend Press: Stereo All Analogue Compressor

Press is a stereo (yay!) analogue compressor “inspired by the sound of classic analog rack compressors”, according to the press release. Rather than a rack format, however, it’s in a much more modern (and Polyend-friendly) tabletop configuration. Or stompbox pedal, if you like, as it has chunky footswitches too (external sidechain and bypass).

All the Controls You Expect

Press is more than just a basic compressor though. According to Polyend, it has “modern controls usually only seen in VSTs”. These include stereo sidechain thru, high-pass and low-pass internal sidechain filters plus the usual threshold, ratio, attack, release and make-up parameters. Tilt is intriguing – is it a tilt EQ to affect the overall tone?

Connects include 1⁄4 TRS audio input jacks and a 1⁄8” stereo sidechain thru.

Polyend Press Price and Availability

“Press is a versatile pedal,” claims Polyend, “perfect as an end-of-chain effect to achieve a professional sound or as the ultimate sidechain pedal to get a pumping dance groove with the stereo sidechain I/O.”

I have to say, I’m excited to hear this in action. I could use a hardware compressor that’s not an Alesis 3630. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but in an ironic, Daft Punk kind of way.

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Polyend has yet to reveal a price. It will be available in fall 2024. Start pinching your pennies now.

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Polyend Press

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