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INFINITI looks back on four seasons of ‘The Makers’ – togetherbe

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For the past four years, INFINITI has been celebrating some of Japan’s finest artisans with a docu-series called ‘The Makers’, created in collaboration with Publicis Q Japan.


The Makers documents time-honored crafts like Asahiyaki (tea pottery), Kioke (wooden barrels used for fermentation), Chazutsu (the art of making traditional tea cannisters), Kirigami (a three-dimensional and Washi (the art of Japanese papermaking). Each episode features makers from around the world who are redefining traditional crafts with modern techniques and materials.

Filmed in Tokyo, Kyoto, Beirut, Mexico City, Hamilton in Canada and Taipei, The Makers’ crew has travelled more than 65,000 kilometers in their quest to distinguish INFINITI as a brand that has Japanese craftsmanship at its heart and soul.

“It’s no secret that Japanese history, craft and heritage have massive allure outside of Japan. To celebrate that culture and open a window to the soul of the INFINITI brand, we loved the idea of making a series that shines a light on the most beautiful design ever seen, while drawing a direct parallel to the craft and detail that goes into every INFINITI,” says Erick Rosa, Chief Creative Officer at Publicis Q Japan, explaining the genesis of ‘The Makers’.

Four years and 22 episodes later, ‘The Makers’ has just recently launched its fourth season.

“With each season of The Makers, we aim to create a long-lasting impression of the INFINITI brand, which is rooted in the best of what Japanese craft is. It’s a story so rich and so layered, it will take years to be told. Each season offers a deep dive into what makes Japan’s craftsmanship, and the DNA of our brand, special, driving brand perception to levels like never before,” says Antoine Malin, Manager, INFINITI Global Marketing.

The Makers is now a channel in its own right, where people can see, feel and experience what distinguishes INFINITI from competitors.

With 22 episodes created during 48 months of production, The Makers has been localized in six languages, reaching 6+ million people to-date. The fourth season of The Makers features the design team behind INFINITI’s flagship vehicles, whereas previous seasons focus on the work of designers, architects and craftspeople who are a source of inspiration. Season four debuted in April 2024, with more episodes to come later this year.

INFINITI Head of Marketing, Global: Darren Hester
INFINITI Marketing Manager, Global: Antoine Malin
Agency: Publicis Q Japan (Publicis Groupe Japan / Beacon Communications K.K.)
Global Chief Creative Officer: Erick Rosa
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Digitas GCC Creative Director: Caio Gandolfi
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Global Account Director: Louis Deveaux
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Publicis Canada Account Supervisor: Rene Drotar
Leo Burnett Taiwan Senior Account Executive: Nina Chou
Global Strategy Director: James Davis
Global Agency Producer: Eliza Sautter
Global Head of Social: Rish Gopal
Saatchi & Saatchi Mexico Community Manager: Dafne Zamora
Saatchi & Saatchi Mexico Social Media Lead: Laura Camargo
Digitas GCC Senior Content Manager: Noura Al Sharif
Production House: Micotto Studios
Director: Eric Micotto
Director of photography: Eric Micotto
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Sound engineer: Mariel Lohninger
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Drivers: Tomoaki Oikawa, Sadao Kaneko
HMUs: Phoebe Lin, Kanna Murokita
Executive Producer: Hiroko Yamamoto
Producer: Mina Miyamoto
Production Manager: Joshua Noel
Assistant Producer: Tomoki Watanabe
Corrdinator: Koichi Sawada
Props: Ryo Kataoka

Tactile stories that touch the heart: INFINITI looks back on four seasons of ‘The Makers’
Tactile stories that touch the heart: INFINITI looks back on four seasons of ‘The Makers’

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