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Samsung Unveils Impressive 98-Inch NEO QLED 8K TV in Korea: Elevating the Viewing Experience to New Heights

Samsung has announced the launch of its new Samsung 98-inch NEO QLED 8K TV in its home country of Korea, this new model joins Samsung’s lineup of Neo QLED and QLED TVs, the device recently launched in Europe as well.

Neo Quantum Matrix Pro’, Samsung’s proprietary picture quality control technology, realizes the industry’s highest contrast ratio and outstanding detail by more precisely adjusting the Quantum Mini LED in 16,384 steps (14 bits).

The 64 neural networks of the ‘Neo Quantum Processor 8K’ upscale the picture quality to 8K level to provide the optimal viewing experience regardless of the quality of the content itself.

In addition, ‘Cinema OTS’ equipped with 6.4.4 channels of 120W (watts) provides powerful sound suitable for super-large and ultra-high-definition screens, providing an experience as if you were in a movie theater.

The ‘Infinite Slim Design’ using metal materials for both the screen bezel and the back side is applied, so it is beautiful from any angle, but features a concise exterior that does not interfere with immersion.

You can find out more details about the new Samsung 98-inch NEO QLED 8K TV  over at Samnsung’s website at the link below, the TV will retail for 49.9 million won.

Source Samsung

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