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ROG Ally teardown overview and quick video

After breaking down the previous ROG Ally a bit more in depth, the iFixit team has now released a YouTube Short that gives a quick overview of what you can expect from the inner workings of the new ROG Ally mobile game console. As you can see from the easy disassembly, replacing components seems like a very easy process.

For gamers with a keen interest in getting to know their hardware more closely, the ROG Ally portable gaming system undoubtedly offers a unique exploration experience. If you’ve ever pondered the inner workings of handheld gaming, you’ll be happy to know that iFixit delved into the ROG Ally architecture. This teardown has provided us with a rich understanding of the device’s design and how it stacks up against a popular competitor, Steam Deck.

ROG Ally portable gaming console Internal components

1. ROG Ally modularity at a glance

A distinctive feature of ROG Ally is its highly modular design. It becomes apparent as soon as you unlock the device. You can picture it as a beautifully intricate puzzle, each piece serving its purpose and can be changed or replaced if needed.

2. Battery access: ROG Ally vs. Steam Deck

One of the first items you can remove is the ROG Ally battery, which offers a stark contrast to the Steam Deck’s design. Not only is the Steam Deck battery glued inside, but it is also deeply embedded inside the device. This placement makes the 40Wh ROG Ally battery easy to replace, extending the life of the device.

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3. Large storage space with M2 drive

The M2 Drive, a core component of the ROG Ally, mirrors the Steam Deck’s storage system. If you’re an avid gamer and need ample storage, you’ll be happy to know that you can remove the M2 drive and quickly replace it with a larger one, holding up to 2TB. A move like this can store a huge library of your favorite games!

4. Replaceable Thumbstick Plate

A drifting thumbstick can be a common concern for any gamer. Interestingly, ROG Ally approaches this problem with an innovative approach. The thumb board, an essential component that hosts joysticks, rumble motors and many integrated circuits, can be replaced without having to disassemble the entire assembly. A relatively straightforward solution to a potentially annoying problem.

5. Discharge heat management system

ROG Ally’s heat management system is efficiently designed for quick and easy removal. Underneath the humble but efficient heat sink, you’ll find the heart of the machine – the Ryzen Z1 Extreme. This powerful processor comes with eight Zen cores and is the powerhouse of your gaming system.

6. Screen Removal: The Ultimate Challenge

While the ROG Ally shines in its modularity and ease of repair, removing the screen is a challenge. The screen, as the last component to remove, requires more care due to the adhesive underneath its edges, which makes it less suitable for repair. It’s an important point to remember for those adventurous souls who wish to embark on a journey of self-repair.

ROG Ally impresses with its highly modular, accessible design. The ability to easily replace key components such as the battery, M2 driver, control board, and heat management system promises portable gaming that can stand the test of time. Despite the slightly tricky screen removal process, the overall chassis was designed with repairability in mind, giving the ROG Ally an edge over devices like the Steam Deck.

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So if you’re wondering if the ROG Ally is the right choice for you, consider its design and ease of repair. Its user-friendly architecture may be the deciding factor in your next handheld gaming decision.

Source: iFixit

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