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Arduino Nano ESP32 board support added to Arduino Cloud

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In a significant development for the world of Internet of Things (IoT) and MicroPython, the Arduino Cloud has officially extended its support to the new Nano ESP32 board. This exciting update, which was announced on July 17th, is set to simplify smart device projects and open up a world of possibilities for users of all skill levels.

The Arduino Nano ESP32, a powerful and versatile board, is now fully compatible with the Arduino Cloud. This combination is a game-changer, bringing together the power of MicroPython and IoT capabilities. With the Nano ESP32’s native MicroPython support, users can effortlessly code in Python, making everything from simple scripts to complex IoT applications accessible to all.

Arduino Cloud

The Arduino Cloud, an all-in-one intuitive IoT platform, is renowned for its wide-ranging hardware compatibility. The inclusion of the Nano ESP32 to its existing ESP32-based hardware compatibility list is a testament to its commitment to continuous expansion and innovation. Backed by the robust Arduino community, the platform is poised to offer even more to its users.

One of the key advantages of this integration is the ability for users to publish data from their Nano ESP32, monitor and control their devices from anywhere, and even update their firmware wirelessly through the Arduino Cloud. This seamless connectivity and control are what make the Arduino Cloud a preferred platform for many.

The Arduino Cloud is not just about hardware compatibility and control; it’s also about simplifying the process of creating, controlling, and sharing projects. It empowers users of all levels of expertise to create from anywhere and share their projects with stunning dashboards. This user-friendly approach is what sets the Arduino Cloud apart in the IoT landscape.

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The addition of the Arduino Nano ESP32 board support to the Arduino Cloud is a significant milestone. It not only enhances the platform’s capabilities but also opens up new avenues for users to explore the world of IoT and MicroPython. With the Arduino Cloud at their disposal, users can now leverage the power of the Nano ESP32 to its fullest potential.

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