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Pre-orders for the 8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller open from $35

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Known for producing the highest quality retro game consoles on the market, 8BitDo aims to produce high quality game consoles with superior compatibility at economical prices, and 8BitDo has created a new game console in the form of the NEOGEO Wireless Controller.

The latest addition to 8BitDo’s impressive consoles is a perfect re-creation of the original SNK NEOGEO CD, featuring the original classic click-style joystick. The 8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller is compatible with Windows, Android and NEOGEO mini, and can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or a 2.4G dongle for seamless gameplay or plug and play through wired USB-C.

8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller

NEOGEO controller

8BitDo has spent years designing, perfecting and manufacturing the original console to make sure it looks and feels like the original. The company even went the extra mile and created 4 limited editions in honor of The King of Fighters ’97, featuring Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami or Mai Shiranui.

8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller Limited edition

The 8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller also includes bumpers, Turbo functionality, and swapping button layouts for a more flexible and compatible gaming experience. All the important details of a no longer produced classic clicker style joystick have been captured and recreated, including the click feel, sound and feel of the original. Plus, it’s officially licensed by SNK.

If you’re a gamer who loves retro-themed game controllers, the 8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller is definitely worth checking out. It is a high quality console with superior compatibility at an economical price point, and is a perfect recreation of the original SNK NEOGEO CD.

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