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Paragon Cyboard TKL mechanical keyboard

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Drop announced that its new product Paragon Cyboard TKL wired mechanical keyboard It will start shipping on August 11, 2023 and is now available for pre-order to provide users with “Finest enthusiast ingredientsDrop says. Including Holy Panda X transparent keys and dummy stabilizers.

Features include an 87-key TKL layout, enclosed in a CNC-machined aluminum case with a CTRL High-Profile finish, painted in Cyber ​​Yellow. It offers users a 6-degree case angle, hand-lubricated Holy Panda X Clear switches, Drop + MiTo DCX Cyber ​​Keycap combo, and Drop Phantom stabilizers are also hand-lubricated, along with a dampened material hand-placed between the case and PCBA. Finally, the mechanical keyboard also includes hot-swappable sockets, RGB backlighting, programmable with QMK firmware, USB-C connectivity, and hand-assembled in the USA.

Drop close-ups of the Paragon Cyboard TKL

Paragon Cyboard TKL provides an unparalleled tactile typing experience. It also features a dampened material hand-placed between the case and PCBA to take advantage of this experience even further with very satisfying textures and acoustics. Aesthetically, the apogee can be reached with the Drop + MiTo DCX combo. Cyber ​​Keycap, which is elevated by a high-profile aluminum Cyber ​​Yellow CTRL case. It’s a look straight from the year 2077 – hand-assembled in the USA for exceptional performance, and shipped with a soft carrying case for secure, streamlined portability.”

Wired mechanical keyboard

Drop Paragon Cyboard TKL

Desktop hub. Workspace is essential. Style statement. Your keyboard is an extension of you, and you deserve a truly impressive one. At the Paragon series, we set out to create the ultimate thrill experience – no assembly required. Equipped with the finest ingredients, and all the extras you could ask for, our Paragon Series bars are handcrafted and hand oiled right here in the USA for unrivaled performance right out of the box.”

On an ultra-familiar Cyboard, the tactile hand-held Holy Panda X Clear keys are paired with Phantom stabilizers for some of the most consistent and satisfying tactile typing available today. Below, precision-placed dampened materials enhance the sound and impact of each keystroke – while above, caps provide DCX Cyber ​​switches give a futuristic feel with a look inspired by one of the world’s most iconic video games. Throw in QMK programmability, hot swappability, full RGB lighting, and a soft carrying case, and you’ve got a desktop worthy of any setup.”

Source: Drop

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