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LePub APAC turns laundromats into 24-hour sports bars for football fans with Heineken – togetherbe

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Heineken and LePub APAC are turning 24-hour laundromats into all-night sports bars so that Korea’s most dedicated football fans now have a place to watch the UEFA Champions League.


The idea was inspired by the realization that Asia is home to some of the world’s most hardcore football fans – so devoted, they’ll wake up at 3am or 4am to watch UEFA Champions League games live. It’s difficult to watch UEFA Champions League matches together with friends in Korea because most bars are closed at this time. Home might not be the best place to cheer on teams with friends at 4am, either.

So, Heineken teamed up with LePub APAC to devise a simple yet ingenious solution: in partnership with WashEnjoy, one of South Korea’s largest laundromat franchises, it is turning 24-hour laundromats into 24-hour sports bars at locations across the country. When bars are closed, now there’s a place for the real hardcore fans to get together and enjoy the UEFA Champions League.

Giwoun Park, Marketing Director at Heineken Korea, said: “Heineken believes that being a ‘real hardcore’ football fan isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you behave – anyone who wakes up at ridiculous hours to watch their team, names their pets after their icons, or wears their lucky pair of socks during matches qualifies as hardcore. We wanted to celebrate Asia’s fans who truly live and breathe the sport in a positive, sometimes quirky way. And what could be quirkier than staying up all night to watch the UEFA Champions League at a laundromat?”

Cyril Louis, Executive Creative Director at LePub APAC, adds: “You may think the world’s most passionate football fans are based in Europe or Brazil, but they can actually be found in all corners of the world – cities like Seoul, where fans are crazy enough to stay up all night to cheer on their team. We had the crazy idea of using laundromats to recognize the efforts of these fans and celebrate them with Heineken. When bars are closed, now there is a place for Korea’s real hardcore fans: 24/7 laundromats, transformed by Heineken into go-to venues for enjoying match day with friends.”

The campaign, called ‘LaundroMatch’, launched at 3am (KST) on 10-11 April with two consecutive events, when fans flocked to WashEnjoy in Seoul to watch teams compete. Four all-expense paid trips to the final UEFA Champions League 2024 match on 1 June were also up for grabs: a dream-come-true experience.

From now until June, South Korea’s real hardcore fans will be able to scan QR codes found at WashEnjoy laundromats nationwide to access complimentary 30-day SPOTV subscriptions, so they can enjoy the UEFA Champions League quarter and semi-finals at a nearby Heineken LaundroMatch.

As a long-time sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken recently launched a global campaign called ‘Cheers To The Real Hardcore Fans’ in February 2024, which redefines what it means to be a “real hardcore fan” in an effort to make football more inclusive.

With the launch of ‘LaundroMatch’, Heineken is bringing the ‘Cheers To The Real Hardcore Fans’ platform to Asia with the goal of connecting with a wider range of fans worldwide and making Heineken the global beer of choice during the UEFA Champions League.

LePub APAC turns laundromats into 24-hour sports bars for football fans with Heineken

Heineken Global Marketing Director: Daniela Lebba
Heineken APAC Brand and Business Development Director: Agnieszka Gorecki
Heineken Global Communication Manager: Guilherme Retz
Heineken Global Digital Development Manager: Pearly Lim
Heineken Head of Strategy: Dana Katz
Heineken APAC Communication Manager: Nalini Bhagwandin
Marketing Director: Giwoun Park
Heineken Senior Brand Manager: Lynda Kim
Heineken Brand Manager: Kido Lee
Heineken Brand Manager: Gajin Kim
Heineken Brand Manager: Chloe Choi
Heineken Brand Executive: Eunhye Guan
Agency: LePub APAC
Regional Executive Creative Director: Cyril Louis
Creative Director: Sergey Mast
Associate Creative Director: Yuste De Lucas
Associate Creative Director: Rudy Zulkifly
Design Director: Oscar Gutierrez
Account Director: Vanessa Liu
General Manager: Hanh Kanssen
Senior Project Manager: Farhan Wahab
Agency: LePub Italy
Global CEO LePub, CCO Publicis Worldwide: Bruno Bertelli
Global Chief Creative Officer: Cristiana Boccassini
Chief Creative Officer: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Executive Creative Director: Andrey Tyukavkin
Executive Creative Director: Eoin Sherry
Creative Director: Marie Poumeyrol
Creative Director: Nick Bakshi
Creative Director: Stefano Zanoni
Associate Creative Director: Roberto Ardigò
Groupe Strategy Director: James Moore
Client Service Director: Shirine Aoun
Group Account Director: Giulia Melegati
Account Supervisor: Marta Dell’Adami
Account Executive: Francesca Gatti
Global Head of Creative Technology: Mauro Mazzei
Global Head of PR & Communications: Isabella Cecconi
Global PR Manager: Eleonora Botta

LePub APAC turns laundromats into 24-hour sports bars for football fans with Heineken
LePub APAC turns laundromats into 24-hour sports bars for football fans with Heineken

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