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Tealive brews positivity one cup at a time with brand refresh via Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia – togetherbe

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In a world where negativity seems to be the norm, Tealive, Malaysia’s very own bubble tea brand, is shaking things up with its new tagline, “Brewing Positivity”. Tired of the endless swirl of bitterness, self-criticism, and people taking life way too seriously, Tealive is diving headfirst into a brand refresh that’s all about flipping frowns upside down and filling cups with positivity.


Tealive has always been more than just a spot for slurping up delicious drinks; it’s a beacon of positivity in a sea of negativity. Teaming up with the creative agency Naga DDB Tribal, Tealive is on a mission to pump up the world’s positive index with every sip.

As part of the brand refresh, Tealive has launched captivating new brand films that aim to flip moments of self-loathing and easily-angered emotions into opportunities for positivity and joy. Complementing these films is Tealive’s catchy new anthem, reminding everyone that “Life tastes better with positivity.”

The brand’s commitment to spreading positivity extends beyond digital content. Tealive’s on-ground activation at Lot 10 Bukit Bintang featured the debut of their brand anthem, engaging customers in an immersive experience of joy and optimism.

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Taking personal interaction to a whole new level, Tealive has introduced cup sealers with thought-provoking prompts like “What if we loved ourselves as we are?” and “What if we scheduled time for laughs?” These prompts serve as gentle reminders to embrace positivity in everyday life.

Tealive also took this opportunity to launch Bru, their new mascot and the embodiment of the brand’s quirky, fun spirit. His head is a ginormous pearl in a cup, because why not? Bru is your cheerleader, your confidant, your dose of positivity whenever you need it most.

Alvin Teoh, Chief Creative Officer of Naga DDB Tribal, said: “Positivity is so much needed in the world today. It sounds like an overstatement but it’s true. There’s all these external pressure from a million voices, we forget how amazing we actually are. So the idea behind Tealive is pretty simple: take time off over a cup of bubble tea and draw in some self-affirmation and appreciation. Whether in sips or in liberal doses, start with self-acceptance and go from there. We wanna say, hey, you’re unique, you’re beautiful, you’re completely lovable, one pearl at a time.”

Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holdings, the parent company of Tealive, said: “As we embark on this brand refresh, our focus remains on strengthening our connection with our customers. ‘Brewing Positivity’ encapsulates our purpose as an organization – to champion goodness and spread positivity in everything we do.”

“Positivity isn’t merely a feel-good notion; it’s a transformative force that uplifts individuals and communities, fostering resilience and hope.”

So, the next time you’re feeling down or in need of a pick-me-up, Tealive’s got just the perfect brew of liquid positivity for you.

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Client: Tealive
Agency: Naga DDB Tribal
Production: Boldz Studio

Tealive brews positivity one cup at a time with brand refresh via Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia
Tealive brews positivity one cup at a time with brand refresh via Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia

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