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Information Related to The Main Serial Killer in Child’s Play Film

Chucky Doll is mentioned to be the main character in the opposite role in the film. It was mentioned to have a sequel series and was found to be released from the year 1988. It was found that the movies had different stories and the role of the doll was found to have strength similar to the grown man although being small in size. 

Physical Characteristics of Chucky

Chucky Doll mentioned to be the main serial killer was known to be the male version of the doll that was found to have a scary appearance Chucky doll when found in the doll form was seen to have red hair and the length of the hair is mentioned to be long along with the freckles. The eyes of the doll are mentioned to be big and the color of the eyes are mentioned to be blue.

The dress of Chucky in the doll form was found to have a blue dress all over, the design was mentioned to be a striped style, and the color was mentioned to be of multiple colors along with the sneakers.

Appearance in Human Form

Chucky Doll in a human form was seen to have hair which is brown and the length of the hair is mentioned to be up to shoulder length. The eyes of Chucky in human form are mentioned to be penetrated and the color of the eyes is mentioned to be brown. The dress of Chucky in human form was found to have a trenchcoat or a blazer that he used to wear along with his white sneakers. It was found that there was a golden piece on the tie that was worn by Chucky in human form.

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History of Chucky Dolls

Chucky Doll was mentioned to be Charles Lee Ray who was normal like a human until learned the voodoo magic that was mainly learned by him so that he can enjoy an immortal life and hence can cheat death easily with the help of the magic that Chuckie doll learned in human form.

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As it was seen that Charlie that is the human form of the Chucky doll was interested in murdering innocent people, he met a lady with the same interest and they both started dating each other who had the same interest as Charlie was also seen by his mother without any pettiness or sympathy. Later, it was also seen that Sarah who was known to be the wife of Charlie’s friend and was known for the concern and care she had for her family was kidnapped by Charlie who wanted to be part of her family. When Sarah called the police and asked for her help, it was found that the serial killer was found to be stabbing Sarah who had a baby in her stomach with a voodoo knife which led to the baby’s paralysis.

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Brief Description of Chucky Doll’s Child Play Sequels

Chuckie Doll is known to be a viral negative character that is seen in many movies that are mentioned to be a sequel of child play which is popularly mentioned to movies that are best for giving horror experience and is known to be mentioned as an antagonist of all the time are seen in below sequels of child play that was released from the year 1988 and was known to have exactly eight sequels of the movies by Chuckie doll.

The first sequel of Chucky Doll that was mentioned to be released in the year 1988 was found to have a story of a mother who is seen struggling to grow up the child singly is found to gift her son named Charles with a Chucky doll found to have the consciousness of the serial killer.

In the film, it is seen that Charles who has learned to do voodoo magic to cheat his death has found to bury his soul in the Chucky doll that was gifted by his mother to escape his death from cops. It was found that the film was provided with a positive review and is still found on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime as well as Apple TV for people to enjoy the show.

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The second sequel of Chuckie Doll was released after 2 years of first sequel in which a boy named Andy Barclay who is found to be a young boy and was mentioned to get a doll named Good Guy was seen to be in the guardianship after his mother was admitted to the psychiatric hospital and is found that the soul of the kid is claimed by the serial killer doll named Chucky that had consciousness of killing people.

It is seen that there is a process seen in the movie that is mostly used for the manufacturing of the doll again and this was the sequel that was mostly liked by the people and was categorized to be under the movie that was also found to kill the little kid who was known to be the prime suspect of the murder that was Andy and is found to be available on YouTube as well as online OTT platform for watching.

The third sequel of Chuckie Doll was released one year after the second sequel that was in the year 1991 and was mentioned to have a story when the prime suspect who was young when he got the good guy doll grew up to be sixteen years old and was found to be sent to the military school who was not able to cope up the family he was living under guardianship and further, it was also seen that the serial killer was returned for the revenge he wants to take from this little boy Andy who have seen the murders and this was the sequel that was found to be not like much by the viewers as it was noticed that there were negative reviews from the critics available on different OTT Platforms.

It was found that The Bride of Chucky Doll was released in the year 1998 and it was mentioned to be the fourth sequel of the child play series mentioned the story that was seen to have killed the ex-girlfriend of the serial killer that was Chucky Doll human version and was seen to have claimed the soul of his ex-girlfriend and transferred the soul in the bride doll with the help of his voodoo magic and was later found that his ex-girlfriend gave birth to a baby doll.

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It was found that the other sequel was also released as The Curse of Chucky Doll considered the whole story that was related to the curse which led to the problems that were faced by the doll and hence was having an incredible story that was loved by most of the people.

Later it was also found that the other two sequels were also released of which The Child Play is mentioned to be a film that was released recently and was loved by most of the audiences gave positive reviews the film and the sequel next to Curse of Chucky doll was found to be cult of Chucky dolls having a thrilling along with horror theme.

The new sequel of Chuckie Doll was mentioned to be released very recently in the year 2023 in which it was found that Charles was shot dead and is seen to be escaping death and is found to change the good guy into the serial killer again and further it was found to take the body of the only prime suspect in the sequel Chucky Doll DBD.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the article, it can be wrapped up by saying that the Chucky Doll that is mentioned to be the serial murderer and is found to have consciousness of the serial killer was a doll version of Charlie who murdered people for his enjoyment along with his mother and is seen many sequels that are based on thrilling as well as horror stories.

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