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Google Play update slows down Galaxy devices: Here's how to fix it

Samsung phones have been having issues with the Google Play System Update (GPSU) lately. First, Galaxy devices didn’t receive a new GPSU for six months after the July 2023 release. While updates have resumed now, they appear to bring bugs along. The May 2024 release is slowing down some Galaxy models, including the Galaxy S23 series. The fix: Samsung says a restart is enough.

Samsung recommends restarting your Galaxy device to speed it up

Galaxy devices started receiving the May 2024 Google Play System Update in the second half of the month. It is now available for most eligible models globally. While the update brings improvements and bug fixes to various underlying Android OS components, some Galaxy users are facing a weird problem after installing it. The device works noticeably slower than usual.

Affected users say the device takes longer to launch apps, which can be annoying. While reports started coming last month, Samsung has finally acknowledged the issue. A Samsung Community Forum moderator in South Korea recently confirmed the bug. They said “the app launch speed slows down” when the device is used for a long time after installing last month’s GPSU.

According to the moderator, Samsung has already applied a fix to the problem. Those who haven’t installed the May 2024 GPSU can now safely install it. They shouldn’t face any issues, at least not a slowdown. However, those who have already installed it cannot go back. For them, Samsung has a simple workaround. It says restarting the device should address the underlying bug and speed up your device.

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Hopefully, it completely gets rid of the issue rather than hiding it for a while. You can restart your Galaxy device by pulling down the full Quick Settings panel (swipe down on the status bar twice) status bar, clicking on the power icon in the top right corner, and selecting the Restart option. Alternatively, you can press and hold the power and volume down buttons if you use a long press of the power button to wake Bixby.

You can manually check for new Google Play system updates on your Galaxy

If you are not sure which GPSU version your Galaxy device is running, you can find the details in the Settings app. Go to the About phone section at the bottom and tap Software information. You should find the GPSU level below the Android version. If you are on an older release, tap on it to check for new updates. You may need to restart the device to install a new GPSU build.

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