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Income Insurance’s new film via BBH Singapore explores the power of resilience – togetherbe

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Income Insurance today launches its latest campaign, ‘Protection Made Yours | Critical Illness Plans’, created in collaboration with BBH Singapore to promote its new plans, Complete Cancer Care (CCC) and Complete Critical Protect (CCP).


Designed to offer end-to-end support in the event of critical illness, the campaign highlights that a diagnosis isn’t the end. ‘Protection Made Yours |Critical Illness Plans’ showcases the resilience of 60-year-old father and personal trainer Arun Rosiah, who achieved his dream of becoming a model after battling cancer. Capturing Rosiah’s tenacity, the film shows his scars not as reminders of his struggle, but as symbols of strength.

Rosiah’s story serves as a poignant reminder that life’s aspirations needn’t be halted by illness. With complete protection, individuals can continue to write their stories and complete them despite the setback of critical illness.

Income Insurance’s CCC plan offers complete protection, from diagnosis through to remission, to support customers every step of the way. The CCP plan extends protection against serious illnesses, from diagnosis through to recovery. For comprehensive care, Income provides a lump sum payout for treatments, ensures ongoing protection throughout recovery, and guarantees the option to buy another life insurance plan^, ensuring peace of mind for the journey ahead.

Khairul Mondzi, Executive Creative Director at BBH Singapore, said: “The idea of seeking resolution for one’s story or aspirations holds profound resonance, particularly within the realm of critical illness. Illustrated through Arun’s journey, his completion of his story offers hope for individuals to chase the next chapter in their quest for fulfillment.”

Dhiren Amin, at Income Insurance, added: “At the heart of this campaign lies the simplest, most revelatory truth about living – we just want a well-lived life knowing we’ve done justice to our dreams. Arun Rosiah has never lost sight of his dream to be a model, and in fact, is pushing harder than ever. Having him front our campaign for critical illness plans, truly exemplifies how complete protection can go a long way in helping us safeguard what matters most.”

To further carry this message, Income is creating a digital lookbook for Rosiah, to boost his visibility in the fashion world.

Upon an impairment of a vital function or advanced stage dread disease diagnosis for Complete Critical Protect. Upon an advanced major cancer diagnosis for Complete Cancer Care. Other policy terms and conditions apply.

Client: Income Insurance
Agency: BBH Singapore
Production Company: AmanaCliq & Reel Loco Productions

Income Insurance’s new film via BBH Singapore explores the power of resilience

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