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Zynaptiq announces Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro, a Monster Upgrade

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Zynaptiq announces Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro, a Monster Upgrade  · 


Zynaptiq Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro present massive upgrades for current Morph users and make it an even more exciting sound design plug-in.

You might not have heard of Morph, but if you’ve heard Mick Gordon‘s distinctive sound design work on the Doom game series, you’ll have heard some of the awe-inspiring results it produces.

Zynaptiq Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro

The basic premise of using the Morph plug-in is that you are sonically imbuing one sound with the characteristics of another. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the new features.

For starters, Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro are now equipped with a range of six new morphing algorithms:

  • Interweave V3
  • Imprint Smooth
  • Imprint Crystal
  • Enharmonic
  • Fusion (PRO only)
  • Sonance (PRO only)

In addition, all of the algorithms from the previous version of Morph are also available, bringing the total to 11. Furthermore, we say hello to an exciting new module called Modeler.

Besides sample playback, this module is capable of particle or granular-style audio transformation, bringing a fresh new outlet for creative timbre design. What’s more, the Formant Shifter has been upgraded, now offering a range of +-24 semitones.

However, if you need to access the previous version’s Formant Shift algorithm, you can do so via the preferences. Another interesting addition is a new Transient Bypass module that can help you achieve better quality morphing results.

Zynaptiq Morph Pro
Morph Pro 3

With this flexible module, the transients are removed from the A and B inputs before the signal passes into the morphing engine. From there, they are reintroduced and you have the morphine X/Y control to adjust the mix level.

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The level of the transients can be boosted to make them more pronounced, and you can improve the clarity through bypassing the formant shifter. Moreover, the Pro version even has a Detail mode within the Transient Bypass module.

Overall, this is a major upgrade, providing users with far more precise control over the plug-in’s unique sonics. Sure, it might be a niche tool, but there certainly aren’t many other options to do this kind of audio processing in hardware or software format.

Pricing and availability:

The official release of Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro will be on April 15, available through your favourite retailer. Until then, Zynaptiq has Early Access offers of $169 for Morph 3 and $279 for Morph 3 Pro.

For Morph 2 license holders can upgrade to Morph 3 for $69 and Morph 3 Pro for $149. Also, if you purchased Morph 2 between January 1 and the Morph 3 release date, you’re eligible for a free Morph 3 upgrade.

More about Zynaptiq Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro:

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Zynaptiq announces Morph 3 and Morph 3 Pro, a Monster Upgrade

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