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How to use Langchain to extend ChatGPT search

If you’re finding it difficult to write programs with ChatGPT due to its September 2021 cut-off date. You might be interested in these new tutorials created by Developers Greg Kamradt (Data Indy) Shweta Lodha. Lodha combines OpenAI’s ChatGPT model with Langchain to build a search engine that can be used to answer questions about current events using any search queries that might interest you. While Kamradt provides a A great introduction to Langchain And how you can start using it to connect services.

If you are not familiar with LangChain it is a framework for developing applications powered by language paradigms. The LangChain framework is built around these principles: Data-aware: Connecting a language model to other data sources and Agentic: Allowing a language model to interact with its environment.

What is Langchain?

LangChain is a comprehensive framework designed for developing applications powered by language paradigms. The LangChain framework is built around several core modules, each of which serves as a building block for any language model-supported application. These units include models, directives, memory, indexes, strings, proxies, and callbacks. Each module comes with standard, extendable interfaces, and LangChain provides third-party integrations and comprehensive applications for immediate use.

LangChain is very versatile and can be used in a variety of use cases. Some common use cases include independent agents, agent simulations, personal assistants, question answering, chatbots, attribute querying, code understanding, interacting with APIs, extraction, abstraction, and evaluation.

How to use Langchain

The Langchain framework integrates with a wide range of language models, systems, and products. It provides complete documentation of all methods, classes, installation methods, and integration settings, making it a powerful tool for developers looking to harness the power of language paradigms in their applications.

To learn more about using Langchain and Python to perform lookups indicating current events, go to the Quickstart guide for LangChain on their official website.

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