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CORSAIR Scimitar Elite wireless 16 button MMO gaming mouse

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In the realm of high-performance gaming gear, CORSAIR stands as a world leader, renowned for its commitment to gamers and content creators alike. The company has recently announced the launch of the Scimitar Elite wireless MMO gaming mouse, a much-anticipated addition to the Scimitar dynasty. This new device is designed to deliver the advanced configurability that MMO gamers crave, now coupled with low-latency wireless connectivity.

The Scimitar Elite is a game-changer, offering 16 fully programmable buttons and an adjustable 12-button side panel. This design allows gamers to assign all their spells, actions, and commands, transforming the mouse into a trusted companion on their gaming journey. The device is designed to reduce strain and fatigue, allowing for seamless, wireless movement.

Wireless 16 button MMO mouse

The Scimitar Elite wireless mouse is designed to put spectacular MMO play within easy reach. The 16 programmable buttons and adjustable 12-button Key Slider side panel can be customized to fit the user’s hand, ensuring that the best raids are just a thumb press away. The mouse also features an intricately textured side grip and an iconic contoured shape, allowing gamers to explore their favorite worlds without strain.

Building on the fantastic MMO performance made famous by its SCIMITAR predecessors, the Scimitar Elite wireless mouse adds wireless connectivity to its list of features. Moves and clicks are transmitted lag-free over sub-1 ms Slipstream wireless or Bluetooth, and a long-lasting battery powers play for up to 150 hours. The device also allows users to save custom settings on up to three onboard profiles, enabling swift switching between character classes or games, even when away from the battlestation.

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wireless 12 button MMO mouse

The Scimitar Elite wireless MMO S MMO gaming mouse is a powerhouse of gaming technology. It features an ultra-precise CORSAIR Marksman 26K DPI optical sensor that flawlessly tracks movements, and 100% PTFE mouse feet for the smoothest glide. The optical left- and right-click switches get inputs to the game astonishingly fast, guaranteed for 100 million clicks. With the Scimitar Elite wireless MMO gaming mouse, advanced MMO play is set loose.

The Scimitar Elite wireless MMO MMO gaming mouse is available immediately from the CORSAIR Webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized online retailers and distributors. It comes with a two-year warranty, backed by the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network. With the Scimitar Elite wireless MMO gaming mouse, gamers can craft their legacy, free from wires.

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