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50 Midjourney styles to expand your AI art creativity

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In a fascinating exploration of AI artistry, YouTuber Thaeyne has been pushing the boundaries of creativity with the mid-journey version 5.2 tool. This innovative artist has been experimenting with a plethora of styles, each chosen for their unique aesthetic or their divergence from the AI tool’s default style. The result? A captivating collection of 50 Midjourney styles that are sure to inspire and expand the horizons of Midjourney users.

Midjourney is a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) program and service, developed and offered by the San Francisco-based independent research lab Midjourney, Inc. Based in the hub of technological and AI innovation, the program is designed to create images from natural language descriptions, known as “prompts“. This intricate process involves transforming a textual prompt into a cogent image, a task involving sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities.

50 Midjourney styles to expand your AI art creativity

Thaeyne’s approach was meticulous and methodical as ever. Each style was put to the test with three distinct subjects: landscape, portrait, and architecture. To ensure consistency, the same seed number, 777, was used for each image. This means that the same image will be replicated if the same prompt and seed number are used, a fascinating feature of the AI tool.

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The images were generated in relaxed mode, allowing for a more organic and fluid creative process. The outcome was a diverse array of styles, each accompanied by a brief description of the results. The styles ranged from 2D game art and abstracted cityscapes to art deco and Art Nouveau. Other styles included the intriguingly named boom ivory, colorful skull shapes, contemporary quilts, and cubist cityscapes.

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Thaeyne didn’t shy away from darker themes either, experimenting with styles such as decay, detailed comic book art, and dripping paint. The artist also delved into the fantastical with styles like elaborate costumes, otherworldly visions, and folk art. The list also featured styles like gold leaf, gothic illustration, graphic novel inspired, green silhouettes, and intricate costumes.

The exploration continued with intricate underwater worlds, inventive character designs, light silver and dark indigo, mixed media mosaics, mosaic-like collages, and nightmarish illustrations. Thaeyne also played with texture, creating styles like plush doll art, poster art, PS1 graphics, RTX on, solar punk, spirals, splattered circles, steampunk creatures, surreal cyberpunk, swirling circles, toy-like proportions, whimsical skyline, whirly, wood veneer mosaics, and yellow and gold.

As the AI art community eagerly awaits the release of Midjourney version 5.3, and Thaeyne’s experiment serves as a testament to the limitless potential of AI in the realm of art and creativity. As soon as the new version of Midjourney is made available by its developers, we can expect more exciting updates and explorations from this innovative artist. Until then, these 50 styles quick referenced below offer a wealth of inspiration for Midjourney users looking to expand their AI art creativity.

50 Midjourney styles to extend your prompts

– 2d game art
– abstracted cityscapes
– art deco
– art nouveau-inspired illustrations
– bone
– colorful skullshapes
– contemporary quilts
– covered in swirls
– cubist cityscapes
– dark and intricate
– dark black and beige
– dark cyan and green
– dark cyan and indigo
– dark white and indigo
– dark yellow and dark white
– decay and decayed
– detailed comic book art
– dripping paint
– elaborate costumes
– fantastical otherworldly visions
– folk art
– gold leaf
– gothic illustration
– gothic realism
– graphic novel-inspired
– green silhouettes
– intricate costumes
– intricate underwater worlds
– inventive character designs
– light silver and dark indigo
– mixed media mosaics
– mosaic-like collages
– nightmarish illustrations
– playful use of texture
– plush doll art
– poster art
– ps1 graphics
– rtx on
– sculptural costumes
– solarpunk
– spirals
– splattered circles
– steampunk creatures
– surreal cyberpunk
– swirling circles
– toy-like proportions
– whimsical skyline
– whirly
– wood veneer mosaics
– yellow and gold

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This concept isn’t alien to AI enthusiasts since it bears resemblances to other popular programs such as OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. However, each of these AI services has its own unique advancements and functionality.

DALL-E, developed by OpenAI, has gained significant recognition for its creative abilities in generating unique images from textual prompts, even the oddball or outlandish ones. While DALL-E uses a variant of the GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) transformer model, which is excellent in text comprehension, the Midjourney program revolves around its unique blend of technology and creativity.

Stable Diffusion, on the other hand, offers a different approach to generative AI. This method involves a form of AI that processes numerical data within images, intending to understand and remodel the image based on the input provided. It uses a unique implementation of ‘diffusion models’, a type of generative model used for producing high-quality images.

Even though Midjourney design shares fundamental similarities with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, it distinguishes itself in terms of its unique AI technology stack, techniques and applications. This innovative AI solution can be used across various sectors, including but not limited to digital marketing, art and design, advertising, and creative content generation.

The increasing sophistication of generative AI like Midjourney provides a glimpse into the future of technological advancements. As these programs continue to evolve and become more adept at creative tasks, they are opening up new realms of possibilities for businesses, artists, and creators alike.

To sum up, Midjourney demonstrates the true potential of integrating AI into everyday life, marking an exciting era of digital creativity and technological sophistication in AI development.

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