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Badger 2040W Monochrome Compact E-Ink Display

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Raspberry Pi fans might be interested in a new review posted on the official MagPi magazine website of the Badger 2040 W, a small monochrome e-ink display with wireless connectivity that’s available to buy for under £27 if you can get your hands on it.

This second generation board features a number of new improvements over the original board as well as 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. The manufacturers in Pimoroni explain more about the new additions and features.

– Onboard RTC (Real Time Clock) so Badger W can keep track of the time while it’s asleep, and means it can wake up on a timer, as well as when a button is pressed.
– C++/MicroPython software libraries for Badger W now use our own small graphics library, PicoGraphics. This means that it is much easier to get the images onto your Badger and the code is easy to transfer between the different Pimoroni screens.
– All preloaded MicroPython BadgerOS examples now appear correctly on the Badger W file system so you can easily tinker with them – great for seeing how things work! We’ve added some new examples to BadgerOS that do the wireless stuff.

Badger 2040 Watt

The Badger 2040 W is a wearable, manufacturer-friendly all-in-one badge designed for efficient recognition of humans and other life forms. It’s great for battery operation, as it can go into a very low-power sleep mode when the display isn’t refreshing. And because it’s a handy microcontroller with a display So compact that it fits in your pocket, we bet you can use it for a bunch of other cool experimental projects, too.”

On the front, you’ll find the 2.9-inch black-and-white e-paper display, a selection of buttons to click on and a slot for tying a lanyard. On the back is a battery connector, a reset button, and a Qw/ST connector for attaching Qwiic or STEMMA QT breaks. Now that you’ve got your Raspberry Pi Pico W Aboard, it can communicate wirelessly with other devices and retrieve delicious data from the Internet, what a treat!”

For full specifications and features, go to the official Pimoroni website or to view the Raspberry Pi Foundation, check out the MagPi Magazine website.

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Source: Pimoroni: MagPi

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