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Novation FLkey firmware v1.2 brings a range of new features

Novation FLkey firmware v1.2 brings a range of new features  · 


Novation FLKey 49 and 61

The Novation FLKey 49 and 61 make FL Studio even more fun  · 


With the Novation FLkey firmware v1.2, users of the versatile MIDI keyboards will be thrilled with even more comprehensive DAW control.

Novation FLkey firmware v1.2

[July 10, 2024]

In version 1.2, the FLkey firmware introduces some new workflow enhancements, like the ability to quickly jump between mixer tracks with the Shift + Mixer Left/Right button combination on the FLkey 37, 49, and 61.

Meanwhile, with the Shift + Channel Rack Up/Down button combination you can flip through your track plugins. In addition, there are expanded control features, with the ability to tweak mixer plug-ins directly from the FLkey.

The recently added Kepler softsynth is also now controllable from the FLkey, giving users comprehensive control over the synth parameters.

Furthermore, the FLkey has the ability to transmit Start/Stop sequencer messages to other hardware units in your studio and the 16 trigger pads light up with incoming on/off MIDI messages.

Novation FLKey 49 and 61

[June 15, 2023]

Expanding the FLKey controller range, the Novation FLKey 49 and 61 are two new controllers designed specifically for use with FL Studio.

Of course, Novation is not a new name in DAW controllers, and these follow a similar direction to the popular Launchkey MK3 series with eight knobs, nine faders, and 16 trigger pads as well as transport controls.

The new controllers have been created to streamline your workflow in FL Studio, from selecting instruments and recording performances to programming the step sequencer and triggering sample slices SliceX.

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FLKey 49 and 61
FLKey 49 and 61. · Source: Novation

What’s more, the knobs and faders give you hands-on control of the FL Studio mixer and the Image Line range of instruments and effects, with the ability to flip quickly through the preset library to find the sounds you need.

Creative features like different chord modes also become a great tool when you’re looking for different ways to phrase your chord progressions. So, you can switch between fixed and scale chord modes, as well as a user-definable mode where you can save up to 16 chords.

You can be sure this is a release that FL Studio users have been anticipating, giving instant access to an already fluidly creative music production platform.

Pricing and availability

The entire FLkey range is currently available from Thomann.

More about the Novation controllers

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More Information

Novation announces new MIDI controllers for FL Studio

[April 5, 2022]

Focusrite-owned Novation announced a new range of MIDI keyboard controllers. The FLkey Mini and FLkey 37 are fully integrated with FL Studio, a DAW which hardly needs an introduction at this point. Here’s more about that and all else that makes the FLkey keyboards special…

Novation FLkey MIDI keyboards

The keyboards integrate essential FL Studio controls alongside ones for the DAW’s musical features. For example, the FL Studio Step Sequencer and Channel Rack can be operated straight from the keyboard. Mixer controls are also found directly on the hardware. Other keyboard features include Scale and Fixed Chord modes to ease playability, preset browsing, and the ability to assign custom controls with Custom Modes. That’s a welcome bit of customization for users deep into FL Studio.

FLkey Mini is a compact MIDI keyboard with 25 mini keys which Novation says are its “best mini keys to date”. On the other hand, the FLkey 37 expands to a 3-octave keyboard with full-size keys and extra features, such as Channel rack control, Fixed Chord mode, and dual Chord modes. User Chords lets you play custom chords with a single finger and Scale Chord lets you play pre-defined chords in 8 different scales.

Novation FLkey
Novation FLkey 37 in use · Source: Novation

My experience with tightly integrated software and control hardware has always been positive. Having a tactile control surface designed for this exact purpose is a meaningful workflow improvement. Ol’ me is a clumsy worker, though, and I tend to get by with lots of slow menu clicking and basic keyboard shortcuts leaving my fancy controllers of little use. Maybe it’s because I first touched a computer long before I touched a musical instrument and I’m far too indoctrinated into the mouse + keyboard combo.

More information

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Novation FLkey firmware v1.2 brings a range of new features

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