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Deal: Get up to 21% off these Pro Mark Classic drumsticks!

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Deal: Get up to 21% off these Pro Mark Classic drumsticks!  · 

Pro Mark

Well, if this isn’t a nice deal! Get up to 21 percent off for four-packs of Pro Mark Classic drumsticks! 5A, 5B, 7A, 2B – you name it! While most of these sticks in this promo are made of standard hickory, there is even a version with Shira Kashi Oak! But be quick; this deal only runs for a short time!

Pro Mark Classic Forward – Drum Sticks Legends

What strings and picks are to guitarists and bass players, drum sticks and drum heads are to drummers. Especially when it comes to sticks, it’s such an individual choice of which size, wood, or brand you pick because what feels good in your hand might feel totally off-balance in someone else’s. What Remo and Evans are to drum heads, Vic Firth and Pro Mark are to sticks.

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And the latter one is running a pretty sweet promo right now – so we just had to tell you all about it! When you buy one of the four-piece packs of their highly regarded Pro Mark Classic series, you’ll get up to 21 percent off right now! And there are quite a few drummers, who go through a lot of sticks – you know who you are.

When it comes to sizes, 7A, 5A, 5B, and the mighty marching band-ish 2B, no size fits all genres and playing styles. But size does matter! Bigger does not necessarily mean better, or in this case, louder, though. We’ve seen brutal blast beat drummers with delicate 5As, just like there are soft, LoFi, indie kind of drummers with giant 2Bs.

Classic Forward and Classic Attack – What’s the difference?

Five different four-packs participate in this promo. Four are part of the Pro Mark Classic Forward family, and one is part of the Pro Mark Classic Attack. For the Classic Forward models, you get oval tips, a short taper, and classic American Hickory. These models are said to produce a forward-weighted feel, so you can’t not slam your flams and pummel your toms.

And Hickory isn’t just so ubiquitous because of its feel, it’s also pretty durable. So even you hard hitters will have a, pardon, hard time breaking them. Plus, Pro Mark’s so-called ProMatch procedure ensures that you’ll get the closest possible matches in a pair of sticks in terms of weight.

Compared to that, the 5A Classic Attack is made of Japanese Shire-Kashi oak. While the differences are nuanced, it can still be said, that these will feel more robust, with a sort of gravity in their front-facing balance. They’re literally being pulled into the drum. So hitting hard is even easier!

How long does the Pro Mark Classic deal last?

These drum sticks, just the four-packs, mind you, will be discounted by up to 21 percent until July 22, 2024. You can get each pack over at Thomann*.

More on Pro Mark Classic

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Deal: Get up to 21% off these Pro Mark Classic drumsticks!

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