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e-Drum Deals – 2 Kits and a Drum Machine with Great Savings


This week’s e-drum deals cover two superb e-Drum kits and I’ve thrown in a cracking drum machine deal for those who like things in a box!

I thought I’d mix things up a bit this week and pick out two great e-Drum kits and a very cool analogue drum machine for those of us who like to dabble in synthesis and don’t feel threatened by such things! Something for everyone, I’m sure you’ll agree.

e-Drum Deals #1: Alesis Crimson Mesh II SE Kit

The Alesis Crimson Mesh kit is one that is particularly close to my heart. Many years ago, and some time after a very long hiatus from tub-thumping, I decided I needed to get back “in the saddle”, so to speak. I wasn’t that affluent (I’m still not!) so I began my search for a suitable e-Drum kit.

Time and again, I kept getting suggested the Crimson Mesh kit and it did seem to tick nearly all of my boxes. I knew it had to have mesh heads, a decent number of cymbals and be compact but not too small to be toy-like. And so I ordered it sight unseen.

I was not disappointed as it fulfilled all of my needs and I still have it today! And now, Alesis have the Crimson Mesh II SE kit which enhances the original and yet, even when it isn’t discounted, represents amazing value for money.

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With five mesh head drums, three cymbals and a hi-hat, you have a comprehensive kit that’s ready to take on almost any style you choose. All drum pads bar the kick are dual-zone, as are the cymbals except for the ride which is triple-zone. The crashes also have a choke function.

Everything is mounted on a sturdy tubular rack and the snare comes with its own stand. This is great for minimising vibration and, ultimately, cross-talk as you smash out your rolls and paradiddles! The hi-hat pedal is an on/off affair, which is a slight disappointment, but you can upgrade this for a continuous version later.

e-Drum Deals - Alesis Crimson II SE
Alesis Crimson II SE Mesh

The drum brain is pretty capable too. 54 preset kits, space for 20 of your own and 671 sounds built in. The unit also features dynamic articulation for nuanced playing. There’s traditional and USB MIDI plus a couple of extra trigger inputs as well as an Aux In audio input.

e-Drum Deals #2: GEWA G9 Club 6 E-Drum Set

GEWA’s ‘Club’ moniker denotes a shallower shell depth than the non-Club version, but size isn’t everything, so I am repeatedly told! Whilst GEWA occupy the upper end of the e-Drum market, when a deal like this comes along, you ought to pay it some considerable attention.

Everything about the G9 Club oozes quality and style. Lacquered wooden shells with double-layered Remo mesh heads for a superb feel and response are matched by classic Gibraltar hardware. There’s no drum racks here, just traditional, solid stands for every piece of this gorgeous kit.

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The G9 Club 6, as its name suggests, includes six drums. Four toms cover 10″, 2x 12″ and 14″ with a 14″ snare and 18″ x 14″ kick drum. The toms and snare are all 5″ deep. All three cymbals are triple-zone affairs and the 14″ hi-hat comes complete with a stand and controller pedal. The kick pedal is not supplied.

All of this hardware is supported by the brilliant GEWA G9 Drum Workstation Module. Featuring a 10″ touchscreen, packed inside are 901 sounds with 40 preset kits and space for 128 of your own. Each instrument features up to 1000 multi-samples. That’s a staggering amount and means you get amazing nuance and detail. Many of these samples were created in Berlin’s world-famous Funkhaus.

e-Drum Deals GEWA G9 Club 6
GEWA G9 Club 6

Users can also import their own WAV samples and there is comprehensive audio processing both at the individual drum level and at the main outs. The 3D Sonic Image function delivers realistic room sound. As for connectivity, the G9 Module wants for nothing. WiFi, Bluetooth Audio and MIDI, 8 direct outs, 2 XLR outs, 2x monitor outs, SPDIF stereo at 48kHz, traditional MIDI, USB MIDI and USB Audio (2in/8out) means you can use the G9 for almost every requirement.

The G9 Drum Workstation is also available separately and is currently on offer too, with €300 off!

e-Drum Deals #3: KORG drumlogue

When my editor, Marcus, reviewed the KORG drumlogue back in September of 2022, he said…

“The Korg drumlogue is a truly well thought-out and versatile drum machine and synthesizer that can absolutely hold its own against some much more expensive competitors”

I can’t disagree with any of that as the drumlogue really is a lot of fun! Now, you might find this an odd addition to the e-Drum Deals section, but as a drummer who embraced drum machines back in the early 1980s, seeing them as another tool and not a competitor, I’ve always been happy to co-exist with both.

Korg Drumlogue
Korg Drumlogue · Source: Korg

The KORG drumlogue is a truly hybrid machine. It combines analogue, digital and sample-based sound generation to give you an incredibly broad palette of sounds. The Kick, Snare, Hi Tom and Lo Tom are all analogue. You then have six sample-based parts and a multi-engine part which features VPM synthesis, KORG’s spin on FM.

There’s also space for 24 custom synth additions, such as the ones created by Ukranian genius, Sinevibes. There’s lots of hands-on control and a 64 step sequencer to start building your tracks. Patterns can be chained and there’s features like motion, accent and randomization to steer you away from a robotic feel.

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One criticism of many modern drum machines is the lack of individual outs. The drumlogue features four assignable ones, plus a stereo main output too. There’s also USB-A for connecting external MIDI devices and USB-B to hook up to a computer.

The whole thing is encased in an aluminium chassis with lovely wooden end cheeks for a look that is as gorgeous as its sounds.

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