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OnePlus Nord 4 launch date revealed, live image leaks

OnePlus has announced the launch date of the OnePlus Nord 4, its new mid-range phone. The device will become official on July 16, and the launch event will take place in Milan, Italy. It will kick off at 3 PM CEST / 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST / 2 PM BST.

The OnePlus Nord 4 launch date has been revealed

This is what OnePlus had to say in the press invite: “Some say it’s impossible in the 5G era to make a smartphone with the strength, sophistication and enduring quality of metal. We say…Never Settle”.

As reported, the invite itself is metallic-looking, and the company also shared a teaser image to go along with it. You can check out both of those in the gallery below. That teaser image also utilizes liquid metal, it seems. Is OnePlus trying to tell us something here? Well, possibly, more on that in a moment.

It will offer a different design than the OnePlus Ace 3V after all

Now, based on various reports, the OnePlus Nord 4 could be a rebranded OnePlus Ace 3V that has already launched in China. While that may be true for its specs, its design will be completely different, it seems.

A well-known tipster, Digital Chat Station, shared a schematic of the device. On top of that, a real-life image of the phone surfaced too, and they kind of match each other. Both are different than the OnePLus Ace 3V, quite a bit.

The schematic is shown below. A flat display is on the front, with a centered display camera hole. Its physical buttons sit on the right-hand side, while the alert slider is located on the left.

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OnePlus Nord 4 launch date revealed, live image leaks

Two cameras are horizontally aligned on the back, in the top-left corner. Some sensors sit on the right. You will notice a line drawn very high up. The live image we’ll talk about will reveal more information about that.

The phone’s live image surfaced too

If you take a look at the image below, you’ll see the live image of the OnePlus Nord 4. Needless to say, it looks quite odd. The top quarter of the phone’s back has glass on top of it, while the rest is covered by… metal?

OnePlus Nord 4 live image leakOnePlus Nord 4 live image leak

We’re guessing this is metal based on OnePlus’ invite, but it does look weird. At first, I thought it was some sort of case or protection, but no, this seems to be a part of the device. The fact that the glass portion is shiny and reflective, while the black portion is matte… it simply looks weird.

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