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Here’s Google’s true vision of AI-powered mobile software

If you think Google’s AI implementation in Android was cool, well the company has yet to take off its weighted training clothes. The company has a lot to fear with Apple Intelligence looming over the horizon. Thanks to an exclusive report from Android Authority, we have information on what the company calls Google AI, and it’s coming to the Pixel 9.

This is Google AI, and it’s going to make the Pixel 9 awesome!

While this news came from a reputable source, you’ll still want to take it with a grain of salt. We’re still dealing with early information. So there’s the chance that some of the potential features could be taken away.

From Android Authority

Add Me

First on the list, there’s a feature called Add Me. Right now, we don’t really know what the feature will do. However, the description reads “Make sure everyone’s included in a group photo”. That’s pretty vague. There’s a chance that it’s a tool to warn you if someone in a group photo could be cut off before taking a picture.

As for what it could do to a picture after the fact, we have no idea. Maybe the company will use Generative AI to reconstruct a person who was cut off in a picture. Say, if you take a picture, and your friend’s head is cut off. Well, Google could use Generative AI to zoom out of the image and reconstruct the rest of your friend. That’s only speculation.

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Next up, there’s a feature called Studio. Again, information about this feature is still pretty scarce. The description reads “You imagine it. Pixel creates it.” This is also vague, but there’s information we can glean from it. It seems like a one-stop shop for you to generate content right on your phone.

We’re sure that you’ll be able to generate images and edit them all in one place. You might be able to catalog your generations and share them. Android Authority also mentioned that you might be able to generate stickers. That all remains to be seen.


This next feature will let Gemini glean information from an unexpected source, your screenshots. When you take a screenshot, the system will automatically apply metadata tags to it. This will have information like the links, app names, etc. Then, the information will be stored and processed locally. So, if you need to recall information about what you screenshotted, ask questions about them, or recall specific screenshots, you’ll be able to.

This calls to mind Microsoft’s Windows Recall feature. It also let you recall information from screenshots taken on your device. However, Google AI’s take won’t automatically take screenshots on your phone. Rather, it will only use screenshots that you willingly take. That’s good because Google doesn’t need any more controversy surrounding its AI.

Still outmatched

Guys, let’s be realistic, Apple blew away the tech community with Apple Intelligence. The features that the company announced will make using future iPhones much better. The AI in these phones will be super integrated with the software.

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Hearing the news about Google AI, we all thought that we were going to see some comparable and powerful AI chops from Google. Queue the articles with thumbnails depicting an iPhone 16 Pro and Pixel 9 on a boxing ring background and PNG images of boxing gloves pasted over them. We were hoping to see a smackdown.

However, it seems that Google AI won’t be the competitor that Apple Intelligence needs and deserves. Google AI just looks like a couple of features tossed on top of Android rather than a marriage of software and AI. Let’s hope that Google will bring more features and integration in the near future.

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