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Moog Store Closing: “Y’all are doing this wrong”

The Moog Store is closing.  · 

Moog Music

Moog Music is shuttering its in-house shop. People are definitely not happy about the Moog Store closing.

Moog Store Closing

We recently reported that the Moog One may be discontinued. Now Moog Music has announced via its Facebook page that it has made the decision to close its in-house Moog Store retail space.

“Since opening in 2011, the Moog Store has served as a public portal to the Moog factory, inviting passionate synthesists to come inside and experience the sonic capabilities of Moog first-hand,” the company said. 

“As we prepare for the next chapter of Moog Music, the Moog Store will be closing its doors.”

What Is the Moog Store?

The Moog Store is Moog Music’s onsite retail space. Located at its headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina, the Moog Store served as the company’s showroom and a place for visitors to learn about Moog. 

Moog store closing inline
Thank you message from Moog Music on its Facebook page. · Source: Moog Music

As the company says on its website under the Visit Moog banner, “the Moog Store offers free in-store presentations twice daily. These presentations focus on the history of our company and include demonstrations of our instruments and how they work.” You can also take a virtual tour of the Moog Store.

Moog is encouraging customers to visit the independently operated Moogseum in downtown Asheville instead. 

Moog Store Closing: People Are Not Having It

Responses to the announcement are heated, with many seeing it as a turn towards a more corporate and less personal approach to customer interaction.

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“I am glad I got my Moog when I did. Y’all are doing this wrong.”

“You guys must be saving tons of money by eliminating *checks notes* your store.”

“My kids had a blast visiting that shop.”

“Cost cutting presented as progress. The suits are firmly in control.”

Moog Store Closing: The Future of Moog

Some may ask what the big deal is with the Moog Store closing. It’s just a store after all. For many, it’s a symbol of the corporatization of the company. Taking away the store, which served as the friendly face of Moog, further distances the company from its customers.

As one person said on the post, “I had high hopes that inMusic would carry the torch to keep the Moog legacy going, but every decision made since the takeover has stripped away something that made Moog special.”

We’re all waiting for the Muse, the long-rumored polyphonic synth. Will that rescue the lost goodwill? 

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