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The Inaugural 4A’s Advertising Festival – togetherbe

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The first-ever 4A’s Advertising Festival in Sri Lanka marked a significant milestone for the nation’s advertising industry, held over three days at the Taj Samudra Hotel and the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.


With 13 speakers from the Asia Pacific region, two panel discussions, and five workshops, this event aimed to rejuvenate and empower the local advertising scene. The festival, organized by The 4A’s Sri Lanka, culminated in an awards night followed by an after-party, attracting over 650 participants. Dilshara Jayamanna and Selonica Perumal the two Festival Directors spoke to Campaign Asia on their vision for the festival and why it was important for them to drive it at this point in time.

Getting the timing right
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to launch this festival for the Sri Lankan advertising industry. Over recent years, Sri Lanka has faced significant challenges including an unprecedented economic crisis that saw many advertising and marketing professionals leaving the country and the halving of value of the Sri Lankan Rupee, which made it difficult for agencies to send their teams to regional festivals like Spikes or AdFest. Despite these hardships, there is now a renewed sense of optimism and resilience as the country begins to recover.

4A’s Sri Lanka recognized this opportunity and launched the festival to bridge the gap in learning and inspiration. “By bringing a festival of regional standards to Sri Lanka, we are reminding our new talent of our unique capabilities & instilling in them the important lessons needed to set their careers on the right trajectory” said the festival directors.

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The event empowered local professionals to learn from regional industry leaders without the barriers of distance and cost. The entire 3day event costed participants just USD100.

Curation & Vision
The festival directors approached the curation process by first identifying the largest gaps in the industry and then choosing the ideal resources to conduct training in those areas. It was for this reason that Jayamanna and Perumal refrained from conducting the entire festival under one overall theme. The guest speakers were quick to understand the needs and tailor made their sessions to best fit these gaps. The festival’s significance extended beyond individual growth, symbolizing a commitment to industry-wide collaboration and excellence on a regional scale.

One of the core aims of the festival was to attract young talent back to the industry, by showcasing the potential of a career in advertising. Through exposure to global leaders in their craft at the larger sessions, smaller workshops and meet & greets at networking opportunities, young creatives were exposed to a clearer understanding of what the industry offers them. For many of them this was their first major advertising event, and Jayamanna & Perumal shared that giving the next generation of advertising professionals the kind of exposure that helped them reach their career heights were a driving force behind their decision to spearhead the event.

The inaugural 4A’s Advertising Festival in Sri Lanka was not just an event but a beacon of hope and renewal for the local advertising industry. Organized by 4A’s Sri Lanka, the festival aimed to bridge gaps, inspire future talent, and position Sri Lanka as a formidable player in the global advertising arena. The success of this event has set a high bar for future festivals, promising continued growth and innovation in the Sri Lankan advertising industry. The question on everyone’s lips is “When is next year’s festival”.

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