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Mesa/Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C 1×12 Combo: Dream Tones

Mesa/Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C 1×12 Combo- Dream Tones  · 


Mesa/Boogie has just revealed the John Petrucci JP-2C 1×12 Combo. The Dream Theater guitarist has a new limited-edition powerhouse of an amp. This time, it is in a compact form factor and based on his favourite Mark IIC+.

John Petrucci JP-2C 1×12 Combo

Petrucci has been using Mesa/Boogie amps for around 40 years. His favourite Mark IIC+ inspired this new JP-2C 1×12 Combo. We have seen him with a head version of this model in the past, but now it is available as a limited-run 1×12 combo.

It is powered by four 6L6 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Mesa USA today announced a brand new limited edition John Petrucci Signature model head. Based on their classic MARK IIC+ circuit. Petrucci has been using Mesa amps for around 30 years now and is famous for his work in the band Dream Theatre. He apparently has a huge collection of Mesa amps that he uses in the studio and he is known for using them live as well.
John Petrucci’s JP-2C Limited Edition Amp head · Source:

“When designing the JP-2C with the team at MESA/Boogie, the goal was to build an amp that covers everything while honoring the heritage of its iconic Mark IIC+ predecessor. It offers three channels of authentic Mark IIC+ tones and also includes updated features like Dual Graphic EQs, MIDI, and a CabClone Direct Out that make it the ultimate amplifier for today’s guitarists in any situation.”John Petrucci

Dream Tones

This new combo could be a winner for guitarists seeking his Dream Theater tones. However, it isn’t exactly cheap and has a limited run. This could make finding it a little tricky, so act fast if you want one.

Mesa Boogie JP-2C Combo_2
Now a limited edition 1×12 combo · Source: Mesa/Boogie

The Amp

Essentially, the combo is an expanded Mark IIC+ and offers more of what that model is famous for. It has the Dual 5-band Graphic EQ, MIDI control, and the CabClone Direct Out technology of his previous limited run amp head from 2016, etc.

Mesa Boogie JP-2C Combo_8
Dual 5-Band Graphic EQ · Source: Mesa/Boogie

Three Channels, plus SHRED Mode

This combo also has three channels: Channel 1, for clean tones and lots of headroom; Channel 2, for crunchy rhythm sounds; and Channel 3, for high-gain lead tones.

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Then there is SHRED mode, which gives even more gain (which is pretty possibly where many players will have a massive smile on their faces) with articulate high-gain tones.

JP-2C Combo
Limited-Edition · Source: Mesa/Boogie

Key Features

The amp comes equipped with a tube-buffered effects loop and even has a headphones output for silent practising, which is very useful. The combo is built using a marine-grade Baltic birch cabinet to withstand touring.

I like that it has switchable power via the 100/60 Watt Power Switch, and Mesa has used a Celestion Custom 90 speaker to handle all this potential power. It also comes with a comprehensive footswitch to control all those channels, the EQ and the effects loop.

Mesa Boogie JP-2C Combo_12-Channel
Footswitch · Source: Mesa/Boogie

Who is it for?

I will say that any guitarist who wants that Petrucci/DreamTheater tone will aspire to this combo. However, it would also make a great amp for a recording studio, as it covers so much ground. If you like big, brash, modern American amp tones, this could be your combo.

MSRP – USD 4299

More Information

Mesa:Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C 1x12 Combo- Dream Tones

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