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GliGli Overcycler: Amazing Synth From Pro-800 Dev

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GliGli Overcycler promises to be a 6-voice hybrid poly with digital oscillators and analog filters and VCAs. And it sounds incredible.

GliGli Overcycler

You may know the GliGli name. The force behind the P600fw Sequential Prophet-600 mod as well as a participant in the Behringer Pro-800, GliGli is about to unleash a new six-voice polyphonic synthesizer. Called the GliGli Overcycler, it’s a hybrid digital/analog desktop affair with a very promising sound.

GliGli Overcycler: 11 Years in the Making

GliGli has been documenting the Overcycler build for 11 years on his blog. “I learned a lot while working on the Prophet 600, and I thought it could help me design a slightly different synth from the usual analog ones, more or less inspired by the PPG Wave,” he said in the first post back in 2013. A real labor of love, it’s now ramping up for release.

A new video shows the first 15 factory presets in action – and it sounds gorgeous.

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GliGli Overcycler: Digital Meets Analog

True to his original vision, Overcycler will feature digital oscillators paired with analog filters and VCAs.

Each voice will have two digital oscillators running single-cycle waveforms. GliGli has sourced these from the AKWF collection plus the ones from the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. The oscillator section allows for sync, duty cycle modulation of any waveform, dual waveform mix modulation and what GliGli calls girth modulation, which will give you “from a subtle veil to ring modulation-like sounds,” he says. There is also a noise generator.

GliGli Overcycler PCB
GliGli Overcycler PCB · Source: GliGli

On the analog side, each voice will run through an SSM2044 analog four-pole filter chip, the same as in the PPG Wave 2.3, and an analog VCA

GliGli Overcycler: Famous GliGli Modulation

The software core of the GliGli Overcycler will use code from the P600fw. It will feature three envelopes (one each for amplitude, filter and oscillators) capable of linear or exponential slopes and looping, plus two LFOs with six modulation destinations.

Additional parameters include an arpeggiator, sequencer, stereo panning and channel aftertouch.

GliGli Overcycler: The Hardware

After a few hardware revisions, GliGli has settled on a simple, black box desktop layout. It will have an angled panel, 10 potentiometers, a numerical keypad for accessing the interface, and a screen.

GliGli Overcycler: Price and Availability

Overcycler is not finished it – it’s “very close to the finished design,” GliGli said on 24 June. However, it is in the final prototype stage, meaning we should see finished products available for ordering soon. GliGli plans to sell them as DIY kits for €250 or fully assembled for €300. Visit for GliGli’s home page for the latest information.

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GliGli Overcycler

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