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Google preps for summer sales with four new shopping tools

Every shopping season, Google introduces specialized tools to help shoppers easily find great deals. The search giant just announced four new tools in time for summer sales. The company says these tools will help you grab the best deal so you don’t regret the purchase later.

Google launches new tools to help you navigate summer sales

According to Google, summer is quickly becoming a major shopping season in the US. In recent years, online searches for “deals” spiked in mid-July, even surpassing searches for “vacation”. Businesses are cashing in on this opportunity by introducing lucrative deals on their products. After all, a lot of people (44% of all shoppers) shop more during the deal days than the rest of the year.

However, finding the perfect deal on the products on your shopping list can be challenging. You may have to switch back and forth between multiple e-commerce apps and websites, while simultaneously searching for deals on the web. It might take a toll on you, your web browser, and your phone or computer. Google says its Shopping Graph is a one-stop solution to the problem.

Google’s Shopping Graph boasts 45 billion product listings from almost every business and e-commerce platform out there. This summer sales, you can leverage the new Google tools to navigate through the deals across a wide range of products. When searching for “shop deals”, an updated deals destination will bring the freshest deals closer to you. You get a carousel of deals from various sellers.

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To make things easier, Google divided the products into multiple categories. You can also filter the listings according to the seller type—”direct-to-consumer brands, big-box stores, luxury multi-brand retailers, designer labels, and small boutiques.” Clicking a listing opens up a new page with price comparisons across different retailers, user reviews, and availability and delivery information.

Membership deals, price insights, and more

Google will also highlight membership deals. If you are a member of a retailer or brand’s retailer program, you can check the membership prices and compare those with regular or discounted prices on other platforms. Additionally, you get price insights for products, helping you identify whether the selling price is actually a deal. Sometimes, retailers inflate the prices before sales begin and offer fake discounts.

“73% of shoppers say they’d be more likely to purchase something if they could see whether the product’s price is high, typical, or low,” Google said. Its new tool will help you find a product’s typical price range based on historical averages over the past 90 days. You can also set price alerts to get a notification when the price drops—the bell icon next to a product’s name lets you track its price. These tools are now available on the Google app for mobile and desktop in the US.

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