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Amazon prematurely reveals Galaxy Watch 7’s 3nm AI chip & price

Amazon has spilled the beans on Samsung‘s upcoming Wear OS smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 7. The e-commerce giant prematurely listed the unannounced product in Canada, revealing its key specs and alleged price. Most notably, it confirmed an AI-enabled 3nm chip for the watch. Samsung is expected to launch the new wearable on July 10.

Amazon listing reveals a 3nm AI chip for the Galaxy Watch 7

The mobile industry is putting AI everywhere, and watches are no exception. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 will seemingly feature on-device AI capabilities. The wearable will be powered by an unnamed 3nm processor that earlier leaks referred to as Exynos W1000, with the latter name used more often. It will be the Korean firm’s first 3nm chip.

While we don’t have its detailed specs, this premature Amazon listing says AI will help improve the chip’s performance and power efficiency, allowing the watch to run longer. It will also bring a Daily AI Companion to assist you in various everyday activities, including physical exercise and communication. AI will allow you to quickly find “the right words and tone when replying to messages on the watch.”

Amazon Canada also revealed that the Galaxy Watch 7 will feature an improved Bio Active Sensor 2 for more accurate health and fitness monitoring. Deeper into the listing, we can see Samsung rates the watch to run up to 100 hours in the Power Saving mode. The regular battery life or battery capacity isn’t mentioned. In fact, the listing doesn’t detail the rest of the specs and health features.

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Amazon prematurely reveals Galaxy Watch 7’s 3nm AI chip & price

It suggests the 40mm Bluetooth version of the watch will be available in Cream color in Canada, and presumably the rest of the world. The watch will feature a circular touchscreen display, of course. It will also boast contactless payment capabilities. Amazon says the watch will go official on July 10 and start shipping to buyers on July 16. Both dates align with rumored timelines.

A price drop may be on the cards, at least in Canada

Spotted by PassionateGeekz, this Amazon Canada listing for the Galaxy Watch 7 is still online. It says the wearable will start at CAD 358.55. Last year’s 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 Bluetooth had an entry price of CAD 409.99 at launch. This means we are looking at a price drop, at least in Canada. Earlier leaks hinted at an unchanged price in the US.

All this being said, we can’t vouch for the accuracy of this listing. Despite it being an accident (or is it?), neither Samsung nor Amazon seems bothered to take the page down. Moreover, there are some obvious errors on the product page, such as 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The placeholder images also weirdly show the Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 instead of an older Samsung watch. All of this casts doubts over the accuracy of this listing. Or maybe we are wrong and the new watch will indeed see a price drop, we shall find out soon.

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