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5 reasons Android devices are best for entertainment

Mobile devices have become a primary source of entertainment over the last decade or so. From videos and games to music and streaming, we draw more entertainment from our mobiles than ever before.

While we all know what the best platform for entertainment is, there are people on the other side of the mobile divide who still believe iOS is better. Well, we’re going to set the record straight once and for all with 5 reasons why Android devices stand tall when it comes to mobile entertainment.

1. Connectivity

When we say connectivity, we don’t mean connecting to online services is easier on Android devices than on iPhones and iPads. What we mean is that you feel a greater sense of connection with the thing you’re doing.

We’ll admit that the iPhone’s touchscreen used to be better. However, that was back in 2010, and times have changed. You can now adjust the sensitivity settings on Android devices to get the perfect amount of control. This feature is ideal for mobile gamers who want to feel more connected to the action.

Take, for example, fun online slot machine games like Cleopatra Hyper Hits and Cannonball Cash. These games are all about tapping to adjust your bet size and swiping to set the reels in motion. They’re tactical. Therefore, if you want maximum engagement, you need a device with adjustable touchscreen settings.

2. Battery Life

There are a few worse things in life than having your fun cut short by a dying battery. There are, of course, differences between Android devices when it comes to battery life. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core pales in comparison to the Galaxy F62 when it comes to mAh ratings.

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However, if we’re talking in general terms, Android devices have better batteries than the majority of iPhones. Yes, the most expensive iPhones have solid batteries, but when you move down the range, Android devices are notably better.

Yahoo compared three Android devices – the Samsung S24, OnePlus 12, and Asus ROG – running Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. They compared it to Apple’s Bionic 17 3nm chipset and found that devices running Snapdragon lasted a lot longer under lab conditions. The S24 lasted 2 hours and 43 minutes longer, while the OnePlus and Asus lasted over 3 hours longer.

3. Variety of Devices

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One of Android’s biggest advantages over iOS is that it’s available on a wider range of devices. This means you can enjoy videos, games, music, and more on a device that suits you. There are budget smartphones, such as the Honor 90, or high-end devices like the S24 Ultra.

There are functional devices and fancy ones. There are phones built specifically for gaming, ones that have displays optimised for videos, and ones with high-quality cameras. In short, there are Android devices to suit all needs, which means you can choose one based on the type of entertainment you want.

4. Storage

Some Android devices have more storage than the best iPhone; others have less. The difference comes when you factor in expandable storage. Phones such as the A54, OnePlus Nord N30 and Sony Xperia 1 V have microSD card options. Having expandable storage options isn’t strictly necessary if you’re streaming content, but it’s useful if you want to download music and videos.

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Then, if we bring photos into our definition of entertainment, having the option to add more storage becomes even more important. So, even though it’s not a necessity, we can still add expandable storage to the list of reasons why Android devices are better for entertainment than iPhones.

5. Freedom

Apple isn’t as combative as it once was when it comes to working with other companies, which, in turn, means iPhone users have access to more content. However, the barriers to entry are still lower in the Android universe. Fortnite, for example, isn’t available on iOS, but you can play it on Android devices.

This freedom to access any and all content online is hugely positive when it comes to entertainment. Android users aren’t kept away from certain platforms because people in suits aren’t happy about something. The same can’t be said for iPhone users. So, for this reason and the others we’ve outlined, we’re declaring Android the best platform for mobile entertainment.

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