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T-Mobile’s surprise, Max price hike & more

Another week has flown by! Let’s catch up on the news that went under the radar in our newest edition of “News You Probably Missed and Shouldn’t Have!” As usual, we’ll be delving into some truly captivating stories from another whirlwind week, and some not. So, whether you’re a news junkie or just looking for a quick update, this roundup has something for everyone. Let’s jump right in!

T-Mobile surprises couple with a 4x higher bill out of the blue

Imagine you’re planning a delicious week of meals, and then BAM! Your phone carrier charges a bill more than a spaceship full of data. That’s what happened to one couple in the US. T-Mobile charged them a mysterious $357 for a month of phone usage, four times as much as their average monthly bill. When disputed, the carrier said, “Oops, go fight with your bank.” And the bank asked them to wait…90 days? The couple must be hoping their fridge doesn’t declare war before they get their money back.

Apple downgraded the iPad Air’s GPU from 10 cores to 9 cores

Remember how Apple bragged about the new iPad Air having a 10-core GPU? Turns out it was just a typo, or maybe a deliberate exaggeration to look cool. The company has quietly changed it to 9 cores. It’s like the iPad Air forgot its gym membership and got a little flabby. Nobody at Apple is explaining why, but rumor has it the iPad Pro is feeling jealous and wants all the best toys. Awkward!

The NSA’s guide to keeping your phone and yourself safe

Smartphones can be hotbeds for spying. The NSA is here to tell you how to babysit your phone like it’s a toddler running loose with classified documents. Don’t talk about sensitive things near your phone, it might eavesdrop! Forget about using public Wi-Fi—that’s like letting your phone wander off with a stranger at the playground. Keep it on a leash (or a strong password), don’t let it talk to strangers (unknown networks), and be super suspicious of everything it downloads. Basically, treat your phone like it’s a secret agent in training.

Acer launches new Chromebooks that don’t excite anyone

Acer just unveiled some new Chromebooks built for business, but they’re about as exciting as watching paint dry. They’re surely tougher than a toddler’s toy, can last a workday on a charge, and come with built-in AI that might help you with meetings (or at least judge your presentation outfit). The problem? They’re missing that special something to make Windows users jealous. It’s like Acer built a perfectly fine work truck, but forgot the flux capacitor to make it fly.

Opera browser lets you add emojis to your tabs

Opera, the browser, heard you like emojis. It has put emojis in your tabs…and on your tabs. Get ready to jazz up your browsing experience (or go totally wild with emoji overload). Now you can assign a little smiley, a party popper, or any other emoji from their library to tabs. Want to spot that research paper on penguins instantly? BAM! Emoji it. Need to find that hilarious cat video again? There you go! Just don’t blame Opewra if your brain explodes from trying to remember which fire-breathing dragon tab has that important document you need.

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Opera browser tabs emoji

Apple asked TRSMC to move its chip factories out of Taiwan

Apple wants TSMC to put its chip factories on a boat and move them far away. Turns out, that’s not really an option. Of course, not. The iPhone maker fears that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would hamper the global supply of iPhones. After all, our phones are the first thing we need during a war. Not really, but it sure feels like that nowadays. But hey, TSMC has contingency plans to prevent China from using its chip factories.

Netflix ends support for second and third-gen Apple TVs

Netflix is giving the boot to some old Apple TVs! Yes, we know, Apple never made a TV and it’s tough to make that sentence sound correct. But those boxy things with a remote controller that you can connect to a monitor and turn it into a full-fledged TV are called Apple TVs too. Netflix just ended support for the second and third-gen models. Soon, your grandpa will no longer be able to rock out to his favorite show on his old, boxy Apple TV that looks like it belongs in a museum.

Google Maps will guide you to a public bathroom in NYC

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared war on… well, not having a place to go! His new initiative, creatively named “Ur in Luck,” aims to make finding a public bathroom in the city a breeze. Now you can just whip out your phone and let Google Maps guide you to the nearest restroom like a shining beacon of relief. So go forth and explore the Big Apple, one public bathroom break at a time! You can thank Mayor Adams for your newfound peace of mind (and bladder).

Max rolls out a price hike, adds up to $20 to the yearly plan

Brace yourself, Max subscribers! Just like that friend who keeps borrowing money but never pays you back, Max hit you with another price hike. This time, they bumped up the cost of their ad-free plans by a whole dollar. So long, $16, hello $17! If you are the Ultimate subscriber, it’s $21 a month now. The firm even tacked on an extra $10 or $20 to the yearly plan. At least the ad-supported plan is staying the same price…for now.

Shortwave rolls out Inbox Splits to split your…umm, inbox

Feeling overwhelmed by your ever-growing Gmail graveyard? Shortwave is here to be your inbox undertaker… with a twist! It’s rolling out “Inbox Splits,” which lets you chop your giant inbox into bite-sized chunks. It’s like having separate inboxes for important emails, shopping notifications, and those endless cat video chains from Aunt Edna, all neatly organized under one roof. So ditch the stress and split your way to inbox zen!

Shortwave Inbox SplitsShortwave Inbox Splits

Google acquires Cameyo to run Windows apps on Chromebooks

ChromeOS just got a sidekick! Google bought a company called Cameyo, and now Chromebooks can ditch the capes and awkward virtual machine disguises. Cameyo lets them run those old, dusty Windows programs without needing Windows itself. So, the next time you see a Chromebook, remember that it’s got a secret weapon: the power to run Windows apps without the Windows drama. Before throwing down big bucks, Google dipped its toes in the magic app delivery waters with a partnership with Cameyo. It took the firm for a test drive before tying the knot.

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Galaxy S10 gets an outdated security update

Samsung can’t seem to let go of the Galaxy S10. A year after pulling the plug on it, the company continues to push updates to the device. It just released a new security patch, but is it really new? Samsung is actually giving the phone security software that’s older than a toddler’s birthday cake. The Galaxy S10 is receiving the April 2023 release. It’s like getting a security patch upgrade that’s already outdated by the time you download it.

Humane warns AI Pin users about a fire safety risk with the Charge Case

Uh oh, the AI Pin by Humane seems to be heating things up a bit… literally! There’s a fire safety risk with the Charge Case accessory, so if you’re rocking one, ditch it pronto. The battery cells in some cases are a little too enthusiastic about their job and could spark a fire. Humane says it has stopped working with the supplier who made these faulty batteries and is looking for a new one. The AI Pin itself, the magnetic battery booster, and the charging pad are all safe to use. But that fancy charging case? Best to keep it far away from anything flammable, just in case it decides to become a mini-flamethrower.

Apple no longer covers hairline cracks on iPhone screens under warranty

Got a hairline crack on your iPhone or Apple Watch screen? Buckle up, because it just got a whole lot more expensive to fix. Apple recently changed its warranty policy, and now those tiny cracks won’t be covered under the standard warranty. Previously, if you accidentally bumped your phone and a tiny crack appeared, Apple would be like, “Relax, we got you.” Now, it’s more like, “Uh oh, that’ll be under ‘accidental damage,’ buddy. Gonna cost ya.” So, if you’re prone to dropping your phone like it’s a hot potato, investing in a case might be a wise decision.

Samsung Galaxy phones will let you double-tap the back to see time

Samsung’s got a new trick up its sleeve for the Galaxy phones. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it might be a little quirky and convenient. Here’s the deal: you’ll be able to see the time by double-tapping the back of your phone. There’s a bit of a head-scratcher though. You can already see the time when you lift the phone from the table, which you’d have to do anyway to double-tap the back. Anyway, it’s nice to have options.

Google Messages will support text messaging to 911

Calling 911 may not always be an option in emergencies. Thankfully, Google is upping the safety game on Android phones with Google Messages. Here’s the scoop: Google Messages will soon allow texting emergency services (911) using Rich Communication Services (RCS). This is a big deal because RCS offers features like read receipts, typing indicators, location sharing, photos, videos, and more. This could significantly improve response times and effectiveness in situations where calling 911 might be difficult.

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Google Messages 911 text messagingGoogle Messages 911 text messaging

Rivian EVs will support Pixel phones as digital keys

Rivian’s got a new feature that lets some Pixel users ditch the clunky key fob situation. With a tap on your phone, you can unlock and start your Rivian EV, like magic. Need to lend your car to a buddy? No problem, just share the digital key with them. It’s basically like a car-sharing service but between you and your closest friends (or that neighbor who always needs a cup of sugar…and a ride). There’s a catch: only “select” Pixel phones will be compatible at first. Newer models with certain features (like ultrawideband) will probably be needed for this trick to work.

Meta adds Communities to Messenger

Meta’s throwing a party, and guess what? Facebook isn’t invited! Well, not exactly. It’s letting Messenger break free a bit with standalone group chats. You can now form massive chat groups that live entirely within Messenger, ditching the need for a connected Facebook group. Meta calls this feature Communities. If you’re tired of Facebook drama hijacking your chats, this is your chance to break free and chat with your crew in peace. But don’t get too excited about privacy. It’s still Meta.

Microsoft laid off 1,000 employees across HoloLens and Azure

Microsoft decided to play a surprise round of “Real or Not Real,” and some folks at HoloLens and Azure found themselves on the not-so-fun side of the game—guess their jobs weren’t as “cutting edge” or “real” as the HoloLens itself. The company laid off around 1,000 employees across the two businesses. But hey, at least they’ll have more free time to explore the Metaverse…hopefully, Microsoft gave them a HoloLens 2.

YouTube Shorts adds AI to generate backgrounds

YouTube is letting loose the robo-editors on Shorts! It’s testing new AI features for the short videos, letting creators generate awesome backgrounds in a jiffy and making their Shorts snazzier than ever. You tell the computer you want a space battle behind you, and poof! Aliens and spaceships. Basically, YouTube is like, “Hey, creators, why work hard when robots can do it for you?” AI is really reshaping creativity.

DuckDuckGo introduces AI Chat

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, isn’t happy just being the search king of incognito tabs anymore. It’s diving headfirst into the world of AI chatbots with its new feature, AI Chat. But unlike other chatbots, DuckDuckGo isn’t building its own brain. Instead, it will work like a fancy AI matchmaker, letting you chat with various existing chatbots including ChatGPT. DuckDuckGo promises your conversations with these chatbots are completely private. Think of it as chatting with a bunch of super secretive AI bartenders – you get the conversation, but they never remember your face (or your search history).

DuckDuckGo AI ChatDuckDuckGo AI Chat

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