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Proton Pass Multi-Platform Password Manager Launches on macOS

Swiss-based privacy startup Proton today announced the availability of Proton Pass for Mac and Linux, bringing the encrypted password manager to every platform for the first time.

Proton Pass features end-to-end encryption for all stored data, and includes a built-in two-factor authentication system, passkey support, and secure password sharing, as well as a Hide-My-Email feature to protect against spam and phishing.

The macOS version of Proton Pass also comes with a Safari extension, which aims to simplify password management and credential filling within Apple’s browser. In addition, unlike Safari’s default password manager, Proton Pass allows users to sync across multiple different browsers and devices, for simplified access across all platforms.

Proton Pass uses the Argon2 hashing algorithm, which is included within its offline mode feature, and is available to customers on a paid plan. The encryption method is designed so that passwords and sensitive information remain protected against unauthorized access, even when not connected to the internet.

Proton Pass also integrates Proton’s recently announced Pass Monitor functionality, which provides proactive alerts for credentials exposed on the dark web, identifies weak and reused passwords, and checks for missing two-factor authentication.

According to Proton, the password manager will also soon support TouchID on macOS, allowing users to unlock their accounts using their fingerprints. This feature will be provided as an automatic update in the coming weeks.

Proton Pass is available for free with unlimited devices and Password Health included. For a limited time, the company is also offering users the chance to upgrade to the premium Pass Plus plan at a discounted rate of $10 for the first year (usually $23.88). Pass Plus includes support for passkeys, the full Pass Monitor experience with dark web monitoring and Proton Sentinel, as well as all the standard features of Proton Pass, including access to the web app.

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Proton Pass for macOS and Linux are available to download now from the Proton website.

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