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Ploytec Revival: Bringing USB Mixers Back to Life

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A clever new device promises to make classic Xone mixers USB Class Compliant. Can Ploytec Revival save your outdated mixer?

Ploytec Revival

USB is undoubtedly convenient, allowing us to connect all sorts of electronic devices to our computers. However, as technology changes and operating systems get updated, support for older devices falls by the wayside. What was once an exciting piece of tech is now essentially useless unless you make the effort to keep old computers around and don’t update the OS.

Allen & Heath Xone:4D
Allen & Heath Xone:4D – ready for reanimation · Source: Allen & Heath

Case in point: the Allen & Heath Xone:4D mixer. A hybrid digital DJ mixer from 2008, it offered clear digital sound, analogue filters, MIDI and even a step sequencer. Excellent for the hybrid DJ – that is, if you have an older computer with drivers to run it. Or the upcoming Ploytec Revival, a high-speed USB converter that makes the mixer Class Compliant.

It’s Alive!

Ploytec, who actually designed the USB audio and MIDI platform for the Xone:4D mixer, is working on Revival. Currently on Kickstarter, the device will allow older USB devices to work with modern computers, handling translation between the proprietary USB of the device and Class Complaint USB on modern macOS, Windows and iOS devices.

The Ploytec Revival currently supports Allen & Heath Xone:4D, Xone:2D and Xone:DB4 mixers. The company plans to add more devices in the future via firmware updates, which is pretty exciting.

For more on how the device works, see the below presentation captured at the recent Superbooth24.

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Ploytec Revival on Kickstarter

As of the time of writing, Ploytec Revival had €2300 of €3000 pledged. There are 24 days left to go on the campaign if you’d like to pledge.

USB Revival is €189 for the bare PCB or €349 in a metal enclosure. Shipping is planned for December 2024.

Allen & Heath offers a number of other mixers in the Xone series if you’d rather have something new.

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Ploytec Revival

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