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OneXPlayer’s X1-Mini launches today for $799

Back at the end of May OneXPlayer unveiled the X1-Mini, its latest upcoming handheld gaming PC, and today is the official launch. If you’re not familiar with OneXPlayer, it makes handheld gaming PCs in various forms. The OneXPlayer units have been around for at least a few years and they were even around before Valve released the original Steam Deck or Steam Deck OLED. While many have taken form like the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, ROG Ally X, and others (basically one solid unit with an integrated display), the X1-Mini is quite different.

It’s a computer baked into the display that you attach controllers to much like the Nintendo Switch. Only these controllers are more like full-sized controllers when the whole thing is put together. It’s a neat little spin on the handheld gaming PC and today is the first day you’re able to order one. With that said, there are some things to note. Right now the OneXPlayer X1-Mini launch is happening on Indiegogo. That means at the moment, you can place your order but the unit isn’t ready to ship. In fact, it won’t be ready to ship until July 2024. The good news is that July is next month.

The OneXPlayer X1-Mini launch starts at $799 for early-bird orders

Now in terms of pricing, the X1-Mini is starting at $799, but this is early-bird pricing and there’s only so much time to secure one at that less expensive price. Specifically, early-bird pricing ends in just under three days. After that, the X1-Mini goes up in price and will cost $1,099. At this cost, the X1-Mini comes with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage. However, you can easily slip more storage into the unit at any time. In fact, one of the X1-Mini’s unique features is the SSD Swap feature.

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“But you can swap out the SSD on lots of PCs” I hear you say. You’re right about that. But on the X1-Mini, the SSD slot is user-accessible without taking apart the entire unit. On the back of the display there’s a kickstand with two little screws, you remove that, then there’s a little hatch you can pop off to remove the SSD and put in a new one. No having to take apart the shell to get at the drive.

You do have to power down the X1-Mini before swapping the drive and OneXPlayer says you should avoid the unit being plugged in. As delivering power to the motherboard, even through the charger while the X1-Mini is off, could lead to component damage. Other than that, this is as simple as it gets for adding a larger capacity SSD. There are also models with more internal storage out of the box.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini (4)

You can get the X1-Mini with up to 2TB of storage

If you’d rather not mess with SSD swapping for a while, OneXPlayer does offer a model of the X1-Mini that comes with 2TB of storage right out of the box. This model also comes with 32GB of RAM so it’s a pretty beefy unit. That being said, the pricing is just as beefy. The regular price for this unit is $1,359, or $1,059 if you get it during the early-bird pricing sale. There are also only so many of each unit at the early-bird price. So if this is a device you want and you want to save money, you should jump on it as soon as possible. There’s also a model that comes with up to 64GB of RAM.

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In terms of the CPU and GPU, the X1-Mini is running with the AMD Ryzen 7 8840U CPU and the AMD Radeon 780M GPU.

There are loads of accessories that come with it

To make the purchase a little sweeter, OneXPlayer is packaging in a handful of accessories to improve the experience. The most notable is the magnetic keyboard. This is a PC after all and it runs Windows 11. So naturally, you can use this like a PC if you want. To make this more convenient, the X1-Mini comes with a magnetic keyboard attachment. You simply detach the controllers, attach the keyboard, and then hook up a wireless mouse. You can now use it like you would a regular tablet PC.

It also comes with a mouse, a hub, a protective bag, a bumper defender, and a pre-applied film over the screen. These are likely perks that come with the Indiegogo orders. When OneXPlayer starts selling this in its own shop, all of these will probably be optional accessories you have to pay for.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini (3)OneXPlayer X1 Mini (3)

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