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Diablo IV turns one, celebrates with in-game freebies and events

It’s hard to believe that Diablo IV is already one year old, but it’s true, and Blizzard is celebrating the game’s one year anniversary with some in-game events and goodies. The celebration kicks off today with an event that Blizzard is calling the March of the Goblins. Players who are wandering around Sanctuary might notice an increase in the amount of treasure goblins they come across. If you’re lucky enough to spot one of these wealth-hoarding little demons, don’t forget to take a break from slaying more powerful hellspawn to beat these goblins up and take their loot.

In fact, there’s an incentive to do so. You won’t just see an increase of treasure goblins around the world of Sanctuary. These goblins are also dropping more loot than they usually do. Giving you the perfect opportunity to scoop up some potentially powerful gear. And of course, more gold too. Because the heroes of Sanctuary don’t eat for free.

The March of the Goblins event starts June 6 and will continue until June 13. So you have an entire week to track some down and reap the rewards. Assuming the RNG gods favor you. In addition to the March of the Goblins, Diablo IV has a second event to celebrate turning one.

The Diablo IV one year anniversary brings favor from the blessed mother

The Diablo IV version of Lilith is easily one of the most menacing characters in the franchise. But like all mothers, Lilith loves her children. In her own special way. To that end, Lilith is bestowing a special blessing on all Sanctuary’s heroes for the duration of the celebration. From June 6 to June 20, all players will get a special anniversary edition of the Mother’s Blessing buff. This will grant a 25% increase to experience gained and a 50% increase to gold acquired.

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You’ll receive this bonus on all characters too. So whether you choose to roam the lands of Sanctuary in the eternal realm or the seasonal one, you won’t be left out. What’s more, is that this buff stacks with elixirs and the Urn of aggression. So you can really rake in the goodies. If you’ve been struggling to push past those last few levels on the way to 100, now is the time to make it happen.

Don’t forget to claim your free cosmetic gifts from the shop

A celebration wouldn’t be a celebration without some kind of gift, right? Well, you’re in luck because Blizzard is giving all players a free cosmetic gift bundle that can be claimed from the in-game shop. The gift can be picked up from June 6 to June 20. These are all cosmetics so there’s nothing in here that will sway the balance of power between players.

As for specifics, it looks like there are a few different weapon skins and a couple of mounts.

Diablo IV Anniversary Cosmetic Gifts

Diablo Immortal players aren’t being left behind

If you play Diablo Immortal but not Diablo IV, you’ll also be getting some cool in-game event stuff to participate in. Starting June 6 and going until June 20 at 3 a.m. local server time, players will be able to battle the Avarice world boss from Diablo IV in Diablo Immortal. Defeating this boss has a chance to reward you with untold riches and is part of a limited activity called the Trial of Plunder.

The treasure goblins will be popping up in large numbers here too. Participating in this event will allow you to earn a special portal skin and an avatar frame, among other things. You can also complete March of the Goblins-themed tasks to get even more rewards. After you’ve completed three tasks, you can earn 3 bound legendary crests. Completing nine tasks gets you 1 rare gem and a familiar contract, and fifteen tasks gets you 7 rare crests and the Glorious Dawn portal. More activities and rewards will be visible in-game beginning today. You can also read more about it here.

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