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OPPO will ship AI-powered features to all its phone lines this year

OPPO, the Chinese tech giant, wants to be one of the protagonists in the era of AI phones. With this in mind, they have committed to bringing the power of generative AI to all their smartphone lines. This will help them stand out from their direct competitors who currently reserve these features for flagship and premium devices.

All OPPO’s phone lines to get AI features later this year

As part of its commitment to the AI segment, OPPO developed its own LLM. It’s called AndesGPT, a 7 billion parameter model for on-device AI processing. This gave them the milestone of being the first brand to integrate an LLM of such capacity into a smartphone. Currently, AndesGPT is integrated into the OPPO Find X7 series.

The company’s goal is to bring AI-powered features to 50 million users by the end of this year. In addition to developing its own AI model, OPPO has also been working directly with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek. This is necessary to ensure that all its product lines can benefit from AI. After all, not all devices can run LLMs at the hardware level. So, there are models that will have to resort to the cloud to use the functions. There are also models that will combine on-device and cloud AI processing. The company calls this “Hybrid AI” architecture.

Some of the AI ​​features that OPPO users will enjoy

The integration of AI in OPPO phones will enable a ton of advanced features. You can execute many actions using voice commands in natural language. The company already has some functions of this type, but they are working on more.

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OPPO phones AI features

OPPO says that advanced generative editing is the most popular feature among users of AI-supported phones. People often turn to it to create content for their social networks or funny images by removing objects or filling in spaces. Other features include word transcription, real-time translations, text generation, or summarizing voice recordings.

OPPO has been working closely with Mediatek. This has allowed them to optimize the AI ​​processing on Dimensity hardware. In turn, Mediatek also worked with Google so that its flagship SoCs support the Gemini AI model. In fact, future Dimensity-powered phones from OPPO, such as the Reno 12 and Find X series, will integrate it.

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