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Gigabyte introduces AI TOP to let users train AI models they want

Gigabyte has announced Gigabyte AI TOP, a unique solution for local AI training for people without expertise in the field. According to the company, it will allow beginners to start up their own AI project “without any skills of AI programming” where they will be able to start AI Training experiments “with only a few clicks and no code input”. The company has also teamed up with NVIDIA for new AI-powered RTX PCs.

Gigabyte makes its venture into local AI training

The company announced its latest development at Qualcomm’s COMPUTEX 2024 event. According to Gigabyte CEO Eddie Lin, the Gigabyte AI TOP is built to train the AI model users want right from their desks. This is essentially a big shift where big companies like Google and Microsoft train artificial intelligence models with huge investments. It could offer faster results as compared to the cloud solutions.

The Gigabyte AI TOP is an all-around solution for local AI training that includes the AI TOP Hardware, AI TOP Utility, and the AI TOP Tutor. The AI TOP Utility is a user-friendly software for training large language models. Gigabyte has designed it to monitor the progress of AI training and the status of system hardware with visualized graphs. The AI TOP Utility supports large language models with up to 236B-parameter. Gigabyte says it also focuses on maintaining user privacy and security.

The AI TOP Hardware features a series of GIGABYTE AI TOP products. These are optimized in power efficiency and durability for AI training workloads. You get upgradeable components which is easy to assemble at home. The hardware includes AI TOP Motherboard, graphics card, SSD, and power supply, all built with the purpose in mind.

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Gigabyte becomes the first to collaborate with the AMD Radeon PRO series professional graphics cards

The graphics cards include the Radeon PRO W7900 AI TOP 48G and Radeon PRO W7800 32G, which were among some of the highlights of the event. The collaboration with the AMD Radeon PRO series makes Gigabyte the first professional graphics card partner in the space.

On top of the hardware and user-friendly software for monitoring, the latest development from Gigabyte also includes “On-desk AI Coaching” with the AI TOP Tutor. It offers comprehensive consultation for AI TOP solutions, set-up guidance, and technical support.

Gigabyte AI TOP Utility
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