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Tecno steals the show at Computex 2024

Over the past year or so, Chinese brand Tecno has really been making moves in the tech world. We reviewed some of its phones, and several of them earned high marks, but the company is looking to be an all-encompassing brand. Tecno was present at Computex, and it showed off some impressive tech.

In case you don’t know, Computex is going on now, and it will be going until Friday, June 7th. As such, you should expect a ton of exciting announcements from many of your favorite tech brands. For example, ASUS showed off some tech at Computex. We got a look at its ProArt line of computers along with its latest Zenbook. So, if you want to learn more about what these companies are launching, then keep an eye out for more Android Headlines coverage.

Tecno showed off some impressive tech at Computex

The Transsion-owned company showcased an entire family of devices, and the family covers a wide gamut of tech. Its showcase at Computex focuses on six main pillars of tech: AI computing, advanced connectivity, future mobility, immersive reality, sustainability, and innovations.

Starting off the list, we have the Tecno Camon 30 (Review). This is a spectacular phone that we reviewed here at Android Headlines. It’s a brilliant phone in just about every way. If you’re in the market for an amazing handset, then we highly recommend that you look into it. The company also announced a special edition of the Camon 30 with a new colorway, as well.

Along with that phone, the company showed off how its phone can seamlessly integrate with its MEGABOOK laptops using its OneLeap technology. Speaking about its MEGABOOKS, Tecno showed off the new MEGABOOK T16 PRO ULTRA. This is the company’s latest and most powerful laptop to date.

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Tecno Ecosystem

Tecno also showed off the Pocket-Go. This is a portable AR PC that takes the form of a pair of goggles and a controller. This is meant to create a powerful AR experience. It has 16GB of RAM and is powered by a powerful AMD chip.

Along with those, the company’s Dynamic 1 robotic dog stopped by. This made an appearance at CES this year, and it shows that Tecno is serious about technology. It’s a highly advanced device that moves fluidly.

These devices only give us hope that Tecno will grow as a company and probably be some serious competition for Apple and Samsung one day.

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