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VML opens 2024 applications for its recruitment programme The Catalyst Academy across APAC – togetherbe

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Global creative transformation company VML has launched for a second year its Catalyst Academy in Asia Pacific; an industry-defining programme that aims to bring together talent from different backgrounds to build connected experiences and transform businesses.


The program is designed as an 18-month rotational program across VML offices in India (Mumbai), China (Shanghai), Australia (Sydney), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and Taiwan (Taipei), where the next generation of marketers and consultants will be equipped with the experience and skills to thrive in a competitive industry. A playground of experience and learning for Catalysts, the seven selected will work for a variety of VML clients in groundbreaking ways such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestle, HSBC, and TikTok. At the program’s end, selected Catalysts will be primed for a purpose-driven career within VML and beyond.

Says Bernadette Chan, chief people officer at VML APAC: “Whether you’re starting your career or exploring new avenues, we welcome you to join us at VML. From previous years, this program has become a real game changer for careers filled with hands-on experience and tools needed for today’s top global brands. All you need is a collaborative spirit, a creative mind and drive to be curious.”

To prepare successful applicants for the challenges of today and what’s next in the industry, the Catalyst Academy will accelerate career development, engaging candidates with clients and opportunities to showcase their talent from day one. Each successful candidate will be offered a competitive salary for their eighteen months with the agency, where they will rotate through different specialisms and be assigned a mentor who will be there to support, guide and advise throughout. Each location offers a unique combination of four rotations during the 18 months of the program but can include brand strategy and communications, customer experience, commerce, and enterprise solutions (including technology, consulting and data).

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In addition to the in-depth training curriculum, Catalysts will gain essential industry qualifications from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and other WPP Academies to accelerate their professional development. Catalysts also have access to a wide range of personal development opportunities and can join VML’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) including Peas & Pods (Women’s Network), LGBTQIA+ and Allies and Sustainability.

Says Kazuhide Yamauchi, Japan Catalyst from The Catalyst Academy 2023: “The Catalyst Academy is like exploring a cave of hidden gems, as a catalyst a young inexperienced person can also spread positive influence.”

“Being a catalyst for me means being a marketing professional with wider exposure withe extensive opportunities while gaining global perspectives.” – Kazuhide Yamauchi, Japan Catalyst from The Catalyst Academy 2023.

“Being a catalyst means becoming a marketing whizkid one rotation at a time. The structure of the program allows us to experience a wide spectrum of opportunities that equips catalysts like me to gain clarity on our career paths.” – Taran Matharu, India Catalyst 2023

“My motivation to join the catalyst academy was to discover my strengths in different rotations and get a head start in the advertising world.” – Celine Wong, Singapore Catalyst 2023

The APAC program first launched in APAC in 2022, was built off the success of the Catalyst Academy in EMEA since 2021. Inclusion and diversity are a fundamental part of VML, and the agency recognises that talent comes in a variety of forms and from different backgrounds. VML has committed to making sure that the selected Catalysts that come into the Academy reflect the diversity of the region and continually create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued and heard.

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The programme starts in September 2024, with applications open between 3rd June – 28th June.


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