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Destiny 2 gameplay and leveling basics you need to know in 2024

D2 is a unique project that allows players to develop their hero in the best traditions of MMO RPGs, but at the same time giving you the opportunity to set headshots and build boosting in Destiny 2 on your accuracy and quality of weapons.

A space adventure awaits you in which you need to increase the level of your character and his strength, which is expressed in equipment and weapons that you can use.

You’ll complete quests, destroy monsters, complete contracts, farm strikes and raids, and explore space and new planets in the new Destiny 2 updates.


Destiny 2 is a fantasy shooter with an MMO RPG theme and according to the game plot, aliens have attacked your home planet and are moving towards the main city.

Three different groups of players will have to defend the territory and repel the offensive, which is what your story quests up to level 20 will be about.

You must choose one of three available classes with different abilities and gameplay – there are no useless players in Destiny 2, everyone has their own role and task.

Game classes

You can choose one of three active classes:

– The Titan is a battle tank and a master of combat at any distance, and a hero who can cover his allies with a protective shield that can block most attacks and shots.
– The Warlock is a support and marksman class that can both heal and buff allies and attack enemies with massive attacks.
– The Hunter is a full-fledged attack class that switches between ranged and melee weapons to attack enemies in all situations, with the ability to use traps and disguises.

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Game plot and quests

Your first 20 levels will take place as part of a full training in game mechanics and completing story tasks that will teach you shooting and two types of quests that will affect your boosting in D2.

You will transfer orders to other NPCs and destroy enemies in the most important battles to save the planet, and in the future your gameplay will go on the offensive, and then to full-fledged space exploration.

As you play, you will become familiar with such parameters as the strength and quality of all types of weapons and armor, and the higher this indicator, the better trophies you can get from monsters during hunting, completing quests and raids.

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The system will evaluate which trophies to give you for the most valuable item by power level, so always equip the best you can even if this is not the most optimal option for your boosting in Destiny 2 – over time you will get the best equipment.

Story tasks will take you up to level 20, and then you will be free to regulate your gameplay yourself and choose ways to further level up and master game content through a system of contracts, grinding, strikes, raids and PVP modes.


This is an additional leveling mechanic that allows you to gain experience for completing tasks from the mercenary guild.

You will be given tasks to use the game’s tools to destroy enemies and kill specific creatures.

So the developers from Bungie invite you to try a large number of ways to destroy monsters and learn to identify the beneficial ones from the optional ones, and at the same time rewards you with experience and boosting in Destiny 2.

All you need is to meet the deadlines for completing the task, otherwise they will simply be updated, and the result will not be counted. Contracts are daily and weekly, and if you manage to complete them on time, you will receive a reward, and for gils you can take another contract ahead of time and complete it again, and so on as many times as you have time before the update and depending on the number of gils that You are ready to spend, or rather exchange, for gaming experience.


If you want to conduct gameplay in a style convenient for you and independently regulate the place and time that will be spent hunting enemies, then you need to use the grind format.

This is a hunt for monsters that suit your level. From them, you will receive weapons of your power level and special ammunition that you need to use for the subclass system and boosting in Destiny 2.

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You just need to select those that are suitable for your level and this will be helped either by quests that always lead you to the right locations, or by the general logic that all enemies should be 3–5 levels higher than you for effective leveling in D2 and maximum drop of resources and ammo.


This is a raid format for small squads, in which you need to clear large areas and solve puzzles to destroy bosses and their guards, so you will get to the chapter of the entire dungeon. You need to be careful and immediately try to understand his fighting style and the basic skills with which he will try to kill the entire group and counteract it.

For defeating the boss you will receive valuable weapons and equipment that will take into account your current power level and issue rewards with a value 30 more than the current one, so before going on a trip, always equip the best you have, especially in the nightmare format for strikes.


This is a format of more complex dungeons that unites players into squads of 5 people or more, depending on the type of raid.

Each dungeon is unique and differs in the actions that must be performed in order to harm the boss and not die under his attacks.

You need to activate several blocks at the same time, or hold guards that will interfere with the group, or attack heroes heavily. It is important to quickly understand the boss’s special attacks and how to complete the raid, and then any level of difficulty will not cause difficulties for your group.

Raids can be regular, heroic and mythic and differ in the difficulty of the boss, his health reserve, the quality of rewards and the total number of players required for the assault – from 5 to 25 players.

PVP mode

When you are done with leveling up and finding weapons and want to try battles against other players, then turn your attention to the PVP mode Trial of Osiris.

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This is an arena battle format where players will fight in teams of three players, where the main task is not just to win, but also to collect a winning streak in order to qualify for seasonal weapons and legendary quality armor, which can be obtained for a winning streak, namely 7 wins in a row.

Even if you can’t do this right away, don’t despair, because the rounds are played quite quickly and with due effort you will definitely be able to win, and all subsequent games will be much easier, because you will already have a legendary weapon that will help your boosting in Destiny 2.

Conclusions on all mechanics and concept of Destiny 2 for beginners in 2024

Destiny 2 is the most interesting MMO RPG project in the shooter genre, which allows players to bet on their accuracy to influence the speed of pumping and boosting in D2.

Bungie will offer you a full-fledged space plot in which you will repel the advance of aliens and study locations in order to gradually go into space to new planets like Neptune, where Saint 13 is already waiting for you to fully begin to study the Lightfall update.

The quest system will train you and guide you up to level 20, from which the main content will begin, including those related to accumulating power levels, grinding, completing contracts and completing raids and strikes.

Don’t forget to participate in PVP modes, where you can quickly get weapons and armor of legendary quality simply by fighting with other players and accumulating victories in a row.

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– A basic guide for all players, which is worth reading for all gamers, because it was prepared by the developers of Destiny 2 – Bungie.
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