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AMD announced its new Ryzen AI 300 Series processors

Let’s face it, every major tech event is going to have some sort of AI major announcement from now on. Computex is going on now, and major companies are showing off their latest and greatest innovations. One company is AMD, and the company just announced its new Ryzen AI 300 Series of processors.

As you can tell, this is a new series of processors that were designed with AI in mind. They’re designed for powerful on-device AI, as this is becoming the trend across the tech industry. We’re already seeing on-device AI with phones like the Pixel 8 Pro (Review) and Galaxy S24 phones. Now, it’s the computer’s turn.

AMD announces its new Ryzen AI 300 Series of processors

The new series of processors consists of two models. First, we have the AMD AI 9 HX 365. This processor has 10 cores with 20 threads. It has a total cache of 34MB and a TDP of 15-54W. Lastly, we’re looking at 50 TOPs for the NPU. This is accompanied by AMD Radion 880M Graphics.

This is the lower-end model, but it’s still a beefy processor. This processor, along with the more powerful model is designed to run the new Microsoft Copilot+ PCs. So, you can expect a ton of on-device AI.

As for the aforementioned higher-end model, this one is the AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370. This model share a few specs with the less-powerful model. It shares the 50 TOPs and the 15-54W TDP.

Other than that, it has 12 cores along with 24 threads, 36MB cache, and AMD Radeon 890 Graphics. So, this one is just a bit more capable than the other model. You should expect it to be in more expensive computers. It will most likely perform better with on-device AI as well.

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AMD threw up some charts to show this new series of chips against the competition. The first chart shows the new AMD chips compared to the Intel Core Ultra 185H. We’re seeing some major differences between the chips when it comes to multitasking and 3D rendering.

AMD AI 300 vs Intel Core Ultra 185H
Source: AMD

The second, third, and fourth charts show the new AMD chips versus the Apple M3, Snapdragon X Elite, and Intel Core Ultra 185H (gaming), respectively.

AMD partnered with companies such as ASUS, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and MSI to power their computers. So, you should be seeing these chips hit the shelves starting in July.

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