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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII Review: Small size, huge sound.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII Review: Small size, big sound.  · 

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII is the successor to one of the most popular studio monitors currently available. Like its predecessor, this update is relatively compact, but it has a surprisingly “big” sound to it. The speaker also offers automatic room calibration through the included measurement microphone. And just like last time, the bundle comes at a very . In this short review, we focus on the new features of the MKII version and, of course, how it sounds.

  • Active two-way studio monitor with digital ARC room calibration
  • Integrated in X-MONITOR application from the iLoud Precision series
  • Models various studio monitors (through X-MONITOR)
  • Additional sound adjustments and presets through buttons on the rear panel
  • Internal DSP and signal processing up to 96 kHz
  • Improved drivers and higher sound pressure compared to previous model
  • Frequency response: 48 Hz to 28 kHz ±2 dB, 36 Hz to 32 kHz at -10 dB
  • Two internal Class D amplifiers for bass/mids and treble
  • 100 watts (RMS): 70 watts for bass/mids, 30 watts for treble

Exciting update: IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII

IK Multimedia’s iLoud MTM MKII is the latest version of a very popular studio monitor. It brings several improvements over its predecessor. The speaker still focuses on compact dimensions. The studio monitor comes with a DSP, and you can calibrate to your room’s resonances using the included ARC measurement microphone.

You can switch the “corrected” sound profile on and off anytime. Presets with additional sound profiles are also available, and it is now even possible to simulate different “legendary” speakers. For additional adjustments, you can also control the MKII model through X-MONITOR, the control application from the Precision series.

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iLoud MTM MKII with the included measurment microphone
iLoud MTM MKII with the included measurement microphone · Source: IK Multimedia

Compared to the previous model, the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII also features redesigned mid-woofers, intended to reproduce the mid-range even more precisely and clearly. IK Multimedia has also improved the speaker’s off-axis behavior, and it is now more phase-coherent. Furthermore, the new studio monitor also handles a higher sound pressure level.

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More Information

The integrated DSP works at a resolution of 96 kHz. The iLoud MTM MKII now uses four measuring points for room calibration, and the DSP also performs delay compensation.

Unboxing iLoud MTM MKII

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII
IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII · Source: IK Multimedia

The Italian manufacturer sent me the iLoud MTM MKII in a set with two monitors and the corresponding ARC measurement microphone to review. Even when you just look at the box, it’s clear how relatively small the monitor is. Just 264 mm high, the iLoud MTM MKII from IK Multimedia seems no different from its predecessor.

In addition to the monitors, a USB cable, corresponding table stands, and the stands for horizontal positioning are included. Because you can set up the studio monitor horizontally or vertically. It is secured to the table stand using a locking screw, which is, of course, also included.

  • The angle can be adjusted on the table stand
  • iLoud MTM MKII looks identical to its predecessor
  • Works well when horizontally positioned

I opted for a vertical setup, which allows me to set the angle for optimum alignment with my listening position. To do this, I turn the speaker upside down, position the stand on the nut on the underside, fit the screw, and then move the stand according to the specified angle. Now all I have to do is tighten the screw, and the speaker is standing at the desired angle on my desk. Alternatively, the iLoud MTM MKII can even be mounted onto a stand.

I/O and the rear panel

Let’s look at the rear of the iLoud MTM MKII. The main input is an XLR and jack combo socket. The volume control is located directly above it, while the connections for USB and the ARC microphone are located below the input socket. At the bottom, the power is connected through an IEC connector, with the on/off switch next to it. With the predecessor, some people criticized the speaker for having to be held firmly when switched on – especially when it was mounted on a stand. Nothing has changed here in this respect, but this is a relatively negligible point.

There are five buttons at the top on the rear (when set up vertically), each accompanied by a few labels and LEDs. You start the calibration process with them and switch between profiles. Additional manual settings for bass and treble behavior can also be made here, and the input sensitivity can also be changed. And just like the first model, there is also a bass port at the top.

Calibrating the iLoud MTM MKII with the ARC MEMS measurement microphone

One of the outstanding features of the iLoud MTM MKII is the automatic room correction via the associated measurement microphone, which you connect to the corresponding mini-jack input on the back. With the first model, you positioned the microphone in the listening position—the sweet spot, so to speak—and then started the calibration by briefly pressing a button. The speakers emitted a series of short frequency sweeps; the microphone detected these, and the DSP used them to calculate the required room correction.

A total of four measurements must now be taken for the automatic room correction
A total of four measurements must now be taken for the automatic room correction · Source: Gearnews

MKII works basically the same way, but this time, you have to take four measurements. These must be carried out in a specific order, with the listening position as a reference. Like the predecessor, you have to align the measurement microphone horizontally and straight towards the loudspeaker; we recommend a a microphone stand with an arm is for this.

After performing the four measurements, the internal DSP calculates a preset from the result, which remains in the internal storage even after switching off. Using one of the buttons on the back, you can switch between the uncorrected and the corrected sound with correction. An additional setting also performs a targeted “desktop correction” and counteracts surface resonances. The X-MONITOR software also manages profiles and presets.

X-MONITOR Software

The X-MONITOR software known from the Precision series now also supports iLoud MTM MKII
The X-MONITOR software known from the Precision series now also supports iLoud MTM MKII · Source: Gearnews

The X-MONITOR application was previously only available for the more expensive Precision series but is now also available for iLoud MTM MKII. To use it, just connect both speakers to the computer via USB. So you must sacrifice two USB ports. In return, however, you get some exciting functions that do not necessarily require a permanent connection via a sufficiently long USB cable. This applies to the calibration process, which is visually supported by X-MONITOR. Incidentally, the application also displays the EQ curve determined during measurement and correction.

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More Information

You can even edit the EQ curve manually with X-MONITOR to further suit your taste. Of course, this is a very convenient way to adjust the monitor’s sound and then save this setting as a preset.

In addition, X-MONITOR simulates the sound of different monitors from renowned manufacturers, including additional room correction!

How does the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII sound?

I have to admit that the iLoud MTM MKII surprised me. Even without their calibration, the monitors impressed with a very linear sound and substantial bass reproduction. Considering its size, the monitors are also quite voluminous, even if I don’t think it can overplay its compact dimensions. But this loudspeaker doesn’t need to because it is a studio monitor. So the aim here is not to sound loud and “fat”, but to reproduce the music soberly. And don’t forget: This monitor was meant to be used in a near-field position!

When listening to a few reference tracks, I noticed the treble’s detailed reproduction and the mids’ ruthless presentation. In my opinion, the monitor is very suitable for assessing recordings and mixes. The speakers create a very precise stereo image; for example, if you work with too extreme panorama settings, you’ll notice immediately. I also have no reason to complain about the display of transients.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII
IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII · Source: IK Multimedia

As a studio monitor for small rooms and primary work in the near field, the iLoud MTM MKII does the job well. And what if you want to use iLoud MTM MKII for other purposes, such as listening to music or gaming? The compact form factor is undoubtedly an advantage and ideal for a desk. However, if you intend to buy a pair of speakers to listen to music, you will undoubtedly be happier with more “pleasing” speakers.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII
IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII · Source: IK Multimedia


If you are looking for relatively small studio monitors that deliver a precise sound image with solid bass, which are still convincing at high volumes, you should definitely check out the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII! The predecessor was already praised for its qualities, but the Italian manufacturer has made some optimizations.

Calibration via the ARC MEMS measurement microphone is now somewhat more complex with four measuring points and more accurate. The support and addition of the X-MONITOR application expand the configuration options and offer emulations of various speakers. iLoud MTM MKII really comes into its own in smaller studio rooms—in my opinion, it’s a hit!

Availability and price

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII is available for pre-order at Thomann*.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII – Pros and Cons


  • very compact
  • linear and otherwise convincing sound
  • strong bass response – considering the size
  • Room correction function via internal DSP
  • Saving presets directly on the monitor
  • X-MONITOR software included
  • Accessories for setting up included


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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII Review: Small size, big sound.

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