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Opera browser integrates Google Gemini to power AI features

Opera, the second most popular internet browser that isn’t pre-loaded on devices, has expanded its artificial intelligence-powered features. The company has announced that it is integrating Google’s Gemini models to power its internet browser’s artificial intelligence or AI features. Opera will adopt the Gemini models for its Aria browser AI. The Chromium-based browser will now offer enhanced image generation and text-to-voice capabilities, thanks to the integration of Google’s flagship AI models.

Opera browser will adopt the Gemini models to power its Aria AI

Gemini is Google’s most powerful, advanced, and user-friendly LLM (Large Language Model). It now powers the artificial intelligence features of the Opera browser’s Aria AI. Thanks to the integration, the Opera browser will now be able to offer its users the “most current information, at high performance”.

Notably, Opera already integrated Gemini’s competitor ChatGPT in its browser last year. Opera mentioned that its Aria browser AI is “unique as it doesn’t just utilize one provider or LLM. Opera’s Composer AI engine processes the user’s intent and can decide which model to use for which task”. Thus, we can expect Opera to collaborate with more browser AI tools in the future.

Opera browser will offer free image generation features through Google’s Imagen 2 model

The integration of Google Cloud’s Gemini models in the Opera browser will provide users access to image generation features. The functionality utilizes the Imagen 2 model on Vertex AI. Users will be able to generate images based on the text prompts. In addition, the same tech will allow Opera’s Aria AI to read out responses in a conversational-like tone. The feature is powered by Google’s “ground-breaking text-to-audio model”, suggests the company.

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Opera browser Gemini AI integration

Opera integrates artificial intelligence features inside both the regular browser and OperaGX, which is geared toward PC gamers. Google’s Gemini models will appear in both versions. Opera isn’t directly integrating the Gemini chatbot, but rather using Gemini AI models behind the curtain to power its browser’s AI features.

Opera reiterated that it has been tapping into the potential of browser AI for over a year now. Its browser’s new Gemini AI features are currently only available within the Opera One Developer version. It is part of Opera’s AI Features Drops program, which lets early adopters test its latest, experimental, and AI innovations. There’s no word when these features will roll out to a wider range of users.

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