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Leak gives a glimpse at Galaxy Z Fold 6’s improved cover screen

As Samsung‘s next Galaxy Unpacked draws closer, leaks about the devices poised to debut at the event get richer. From the design and specs to official marketing names and prices, everything is starting to come together. A few days ago, a reputed tipster gave us a glimpse of the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover screen. They have now shared another piece of the puzzle.

Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover screen will have symmetrical bezels

X tipster Ice Universe has an excellent track record of accurately leaking upcoming Samsung devices. More often than not, their leaks are on point. Be it the design or specs, they only vouch for highly trustworthy information, so we have little reason to doubt their claims. The tipster recently shared an image showing a portion of a smartphone screen. “External screen. You know,” they captioned the image.

Despite the lack of information, there was enough in the image to tell us that it was the Galaxy Z Fold 6‘s cover screen. It showed symmetrical bezels on the side, like its predecessor. We now have an image showing the top portion of the screen. It appears Samsung has shrunk the top bezel to match the width of the side bezels, making for a symmetrical look. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 has thicker bezels at the top and bottom.

The bezels on the new Fold aren’t any great. They still look chunky for a top-tier phone. But by making the bezels symmetrical on all sides, Samsung has given it a more premium look. Perhaps it reduced the top and bottom bezels because the device is wider than before. Doing so on the less wide Fold 5 would have made the cover screen too tall. Users have been requesting Samsung to do something about it.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 leaked image

The new Fold is also flatter and sharper

Along with widening the body, Samsung has made the Galaxy Z Fold 6 flatter and sharper. The newly leaked image shows its sharper edges and corners. Rumors say the company has also improved the internal folding display. It has reportedly reduced the crease that appears along the fold line. It achieved that by using a thicker UTG (Ultra-thin Glass) panel. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 also gets the same display upgrade.

Both new foldables will go official during Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event. Rumored to take place on July 10 in Paris, France, the event will also bring several other products, including new smartwatches, TWS earbuds, and the Galaxy Ring. An Ultra, Slim, or FE foldable doesn’t seem to be on the cards, though. We should get a clearer picture in the coming weeks as Samsung ramps up its preparations for the big event.

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