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WhatsApp now allows sharing minute-long voice status updates

Meta’s messaging platform WhatsApp is starting to roll out the ability to send minute-long voice status updates. Not to forget the current version of WhatsApp lets you share a 30-second-long voice status. However, a recent report from WABetaInfo indicates that with the latest update, WhatsApp has now doubled the supported duration for voice status, which had the 30-second previous limitation.

Users can now share minute-long voice status updates with the latest version

The latest update is just another example of how Meta has been constantly improving WhatsApp for a while now. The extended one-minute duration for the voice status in WhatsApp comes with a few real-life benefits. With the new timing, you don’t have to split your voice recording into multiple parts as you’d do before. Secondly, the extended duration will allow you to communicate better without thinking more about the timer running out.

WABetaInfo further adds that some WhatsApp users on Android and iOS can now set one-minute-long voice status updates. However, there seems to be a condition on how to listen to such voice notes. One must update WhatsApp to the latest version to be able to hear the minute-long recording shared as status.

The feature could soon roll out to more users

For the uninitiated, sharing minute-long voice status updates on WhatsApp is easy. First, you need to open WhatsApp. Then, go to the Updates tab from the bottom bar. Next, tap on the pencil-like icon and tap the microphone icon to record your minute-long voice. Lastly, share it as a status update as you’d do before when the limit was 30 seconds. It is worth noting that WhatsApp could soon expand the ability to share minute-long voice status updates to more users in the coming days, so watch out for it.

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All in all, the extended duration of recording voice status will allow users to share their messages uninterrupted and clearly. Not to forget, in another effort to make the messaging app more interesting for users, Meta is reportedly working on bringing AI-profile photos to WhatsApp soon.

WhatsApp minute long voice status updates
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