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Samsung shows off the Galaxy Ring at its first Health Partner Day

Recently, Samsung held an event around its Health platform where its long-awaited Galaxy Ring was one of the protagonists. The company does not want to be the only one developing features for Health, but rather seeks to collaborate with high-profile partners in the segment to enhance it.

Samsung is giving more and more importance to the health segment. Health Partner Day is the first event of this kind that the South Korean giant has held. It could become another annual event for the company like Unpacked. It is focused on attracting representatives and investors from the medical industry. All with the aim of forging relationships or possible partnerships in favor of Samsung Health.

The company made clear the importance they are giving to the health segment through Dr. Hon Pak, head of its Digital Health Team. He said that the “digital health ecosystem will grow and become more sophisticated.” He was not only talking about Samsung’s health platform, but about the entire ecosystem in general. The company also revealed more details of its Samsung Health SDK, which will allow third-party developers to work on the platform.

The Galaxy Ring is a key part of the strategy around Samsung Health

With this in mind, it is currently developing the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The device was officially confirmed earlier this year. The company even showed it live, revealing its design. However, most of its features, and even its price, are still under wraps. You’ll have to wait until the next Unpacked event to officially find out all the details.

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Samsung used its Health Partner Day to show off the Galaxy Ring again. Sadly, the company did not reveal any more details about the wearable beyond displaying it before representatives of the medical industry. As on previous occasions, the company kept it behind a glass display case. The design seems to be the same, so there are no changes in that section either. Samsung is expected to launch at least 9 sizes of the Galaxy Ring, but it only showed 7 at Health Partner Day.

The company has been offering products with health and physical activity tracking functions for years. You can check and interact with the data collected by these devices through the Samsung Health app. Until now, the Galaxy Watch series has been the main data collection method for the Samsung Health database. The company’s next launch in this segment will be the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Soon, users will have a more discreet and even more comfortable option in the form of the Galaxy Ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Health Partner Day
Samsung Galaxy Ring at Health Partner Day. Source: Samsung

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