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Google’s AI patent could make Pixels a skin cancer diagnostic tool

Google may have developed or is working on a groundbreaking technology that can transform how we diagnose and manage skin conditions, including skin cancer. A newly spotted patent application from the tech titan describes a skin condition diagnostics system using advanced AI. This system analyzes skin images to determine skin conditions and provides insights and potential diagnoses.

Google patent describes an AI system for determining skin cancer

Titled “Early skin condition diagnostics using sonic sensors,” Google’s patent revolves around an AI system designed to analyze images of the skin and diagnose various skin cancer conditions. It uses a smartphone camera to capture the image of the skin. Additionally, the system can employ three-dimensional (3D) sonic sensors to gather volumetric data about skin lesions, including the depth of the cancer.

The obtained data is analyzed using advanced AI and machine learning to determine the skin condition. The system is trained on a vast dataset of skin images and volumetric data. It examines the available information and identifies the potential condition based on factors such as texture, color, shape, and patterns of the skin lesions. It then provides a detailed report for further clinical evaluation.

The report includes the confidence levels of the determined condition as well as likely diagnosis, severity, and suggested next steps. Instead of relying on surface imaging, this system analyzes the depth of skin lesions, giving you more accurate results. Google has designed it all to be transparent, so clinicians can review and evaluate the data for informed decision-making for further diagnosis and treatment.

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Google Pixel AI skin cancer patent 2

This system can revolutionize dermatology

This innovative AI solution from Google has the potential to revolutionize dermatology. It can make skin condition assessments more accessible, efficient, and affordable. People can monitor and manage their skin health from the comfort of their homes, just with the help of a smartphone. The system can serve as an early detection tool for skin cancer, so people can visit a dermatologist and seek better treatment.

That said, there is no way to verify if Google is actively working on this AI tool—patent applications do not always indicate ongoing product developments. It originally filed the patent in July 2021. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) granted the patent in March 2024. If the company plans to introduce this system anytime soon, we may hear more about it in the coming months. It could be part of Google’s AI suite for Pixel phones.

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